Hello from Wisconsin


New Member
Sep 6, 2015
I have rejoined the forum from a short absence. We recently purchased a used Grabber Blue 2017 V6 convertible with 5,000 miles. This is my wife's retirement gift and she loves it. We added the styling bar, Roush axleback exhaust, cold air intake, white stripes over the body and white Mustang side stripes. The Roush exhaust sounds terrific. We also have a 2007 Grabber Orange V6 convertible and a 1965 289 Automatic coupe. We are definitely a Ford family having a total of 10 Fords. The only negative we have with the 2007 and 2017 is how low the passenger seat sets. I think we will add spacers under the seat mounting on the 2017 and see if that works. If there are Mustang owners in our area, give us a shout. Maybe can cruise together in spring. IMG_4715[1].JPG
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