Hello Guys I'm Back

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  1. And into another notch. There seems to be alot of new people but back in the day this place was poppin. Now it seems its dead. Was an aod car swapped it for a 5 speed. Edelbrock heads, aluminum radiator, e-fan, 3G alternator, short shifter, under drive pullies, full exhaust. Here's a crappy pic e7apu5ud.jpg
  2. Yep. Pretty dead for the most part. Still plenty of "what mufflers should I buy" type threads though.
  3. car looks real nice
  4. What kind of mufflers should he by for that car? lol

    Nice ride clyde btw....
  5. thanks it looks good in the shade but not in the sun haha
    . Has came a long way since I got it two weeks ago.
  6. great foundation for upgrades, plus i have the most fun taking a average or ok car to beautiful shape.