hello, i am curious and want to see all of your motors N/A or not

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  1. hey, i have yet to see a 2.3 turbocharged engine or even a regular 4 banger with bolt on mods. post them up i wanna see them. also i have a turbo of of a diesel and i believe it is bigger than the 2.3 have. anybody wanna put it on there 2.3 and see how it runs.
  2. Here's mine as of last summer.
  3. anybody else, do yall have any newer mods now. what are your times. check my sig. for my engine build. i built it about a year ago. still wanting some gt40 heads or better if i can hit the jackpot for the lotto.
  4. Check out mine at www.binaryweb.com/88lx/ The turbo I have on there right now is a bit too small, but despite that, it put down 215rwhp and 325rwTQ on a Mustang dyno.

    I haven't been posting much here recently because I'm on the road working as a mechanic on a cross-country bicycle trip. At the moment, I'm hanging out in the motel lobby in Springfield, IL while waiting on my room to get ready and other things to happen. Luckily they have wireless access!

    I'm working 3 tours this summer.. I'll be done at the end of October. I can't wait to get back to working on the Mustang!
  5. Damn, thats my hometown, I wish i knew you were in town i would have stopped by, said Hi, and checked out your stang. Oh well. Springfield sucks doesnt it?

  6. no bolt ons, but i just wanted to show off my paint lol (and new filter)
    <a href="http://www.pix8.net/pro/pic.php?u=10730Tbap&i=26788"><img src="http://www.pix8.net/pro/pic.php?u=10730Tbap&i=26788" border="0"></a>
  7. Cool, didn't know that! I don't know.. I have so much to do, that by the time I'm finished with my stuff, I'll only have 2 hours or so to see stuff. It's hot here, and I've been outside all day, so I doubt I'm going to walk around much/any lol Anyway, you're not missing my Stang.. Its parked at my parent's house until the end of October when I finish leading and working on these tours. I don't even have a tag or insurance on it right now.

    However, I am still driving a turbo! lol I'm driving a 99 Ford E350 van with the Powerstroke diesel in it.. it's so cool.. i love it, but it's not quite the same. But for its weight, it moves pretty well.

    Gotta go, time to eat! woo hoo!

  8. dude that 4 banger page. jeez hes like freakin...McGiver with building those parts for his engine. give him a snorkel and he can give your car ram air.
  9. everybody that looks nice. even the red paint. it makes me wanna build up a 2.3 ranger and drop in my turbo
  11. Lol shut up, it looks fast. :p


  12. Wow I would love one of them alloy cam covers
    Are they hard to get???
  13. ashaman when you pop off a rim centercap you don't see any FORD logo on the rim in there do ya? I'm trying to figure out if the pony rims at a junkyard are the real deal or not, they have no center caps and I just see a bunch of numbers inside the hole that don't look like Ford part numbers.

    rebuilding my 2.3, will have pics in a decade or two.