hello, i am curious and want to see all of your motors N/A or not

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  1. If I may pester you I noticed that it says on your site you installed the Bosch platinum+4 plugs to give the spark multiple paths so that the engine would have more power like the dual plug engine... actually the dual plugs is for emissions purposes and serves NO performance advantage whatsoever.

    so :p:p:p
  2. oh ya got my block and head back from the machine shop finally... the buildup begins!! :banana::banana:

    this forum is lonely
  3. nice cars and engines. here is mine. it used to be a 4 banger, that's all that counts.[​IMG]
  4. [​IMG] this is about a month ago, gave some select parts some old ford blue, and now all it needs is a waterpump, will post updated pics soon
  5. Hmmm White car? Now I never pictured Crovax in anything white. Interesting

  6. Cougar, what kind of wheels are those? I love the way they look on your car. :nice:
  7. Super clean RX7. hey randy where are you going to be during the 1st week of august?