Hello my name is Harvey my question today is under the hood fuse box I have a 2003 mustang GT edition centennial convertible under the hood fuse bo


New Member
May 16, 2019
Bakersfield California
I have a question about my 03 mustang GT convertible about the fuse box under the hood can centennial can I swap it out with a 2000 mustang convertible I have a little drawing made up as for the small fuses at the bottom the one with all the fuses at the top is the new fuse box out of the 2000 the one with the little fuses in only is the old box and you see where there's mission fuses I have the new in marketing yellow so in the yellow are the empty spots that don't take fuses Green marks do Hold and take a fuse diagrams that I've looked up I'll illustrate 7 fuses in that area the fuse box that came out of the car had eight the new one has six the only discrepancy 24 which is the ccrm I'm a little confused we're there somebody that can help me out on this I surely would appreciate it I just need to know if we can swap the fuse boxes out with the harness and 13 on a diagram should be yellow which indicates subwoofers 15 is for subwoofers also 22 , 23 ,21 not used 17 horn relay 19 charge air cooler pump relay 24 constant control relay module
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