Hello - New '04 Cobra Owner

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Abe Abromowitz, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Hi folks.

    Wed will mark my first week as the proud owner of a Yellow Cobra Convertable. I'm sure I'll be asking many questions of you guys.

  2. Welcome and congrats! Those cars are awesome. :)
  3. Hi Mustang fan's,

    I'm a Mustang owner's since 1983 and I will never forget the fun, I have with them...

    Last week, I just buy my 14 brand new Mustang's, it's a super rocket bargain compare to my Z06 Corvette 2003 and my two children's can ride with me also...

    Thank's Mr. Ford
  4. Welcome, and again I'll say "happy modding". :p I never get sick of saying that. :banana:
  5. Hi, welcome aboard. Moving this over to "SVT Talk" instead...
  6. Hello Abe ~

    Welcome aboard & congrats on your new snake. :nice:
  7. :nice: Welcome Abe and congrats on your new ride. Your going love it.
  8. :nice: Mine is on the way. I had some neon smash into my 98 cobra :(
  9. Good color choice! :nice:
  10. Sweet! take care of it, and have fun modding
  11. Congrats on the New 2004 Cobra

    I got my 2004 3 months ago and there is a lot that can be done to these cars to really wake them up.

    A important word to take in caution. FORD my monitor the forums and whatever you do DO NOT play with your PULLEY or your warranty will be VOIDED. If you don't care about warranty and only want MAX power then knock yourself out and go form it.

    We've got a bunch of great guys on the forums and everyone seems to be very helpful. Enjoy and be careful.

    2004 Cobra SVT :spot: