Hello.. New from Michigan

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  1. Hey guys and gals...
    I've always loved Mustangs..
    I'm hoping to make this year big for me!!!

    Don't know a lot but definitely open to learn!
    Soon to be in the market for a cheap Fox.. I don't want a full blown do it yourself project, but I don't want something all done either. Something in fair to good condition that needs a little TLC would suit my needs perfectly!

    What I do know I want..
    '88-93...I'm not a fan of sunken headlights.
    Manual transmission.. Where's the fun in a little sports car with an auto? ;)
    Hatchback.. Notches are cute and so are convertibles, but nothing says muscle to me better than a hatch!

    What I don't want...
    T-tops.. Why take away from the sexy lines of a hatch? Just buy a convertible.. Haha

    Color, body kit, etc are all cosmetic. Those don't play a huge factor in my decision to buy when I'm ready.

    Any advice on things to look for, options that are good/bad and any other Fox related info that might help me in my search would be appreciated.

    Thanks! :)
  2. welcome aboard!
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  4. Thanks.. I've been watching.. Got a couple I'm hoping to check out this week! Wish me luck!