Hello! Sapphire Blue 95

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm not new to the mustang world but am newer to the sn95's. I sold my 4th fox, it was a 93 convertible with a modded 302, high compression, heads, cam 4.10 gears etc. It was a very nice cruiser.

    I decided to buy my first sn95 which is a sapphire blue 95 gt. When i bought it, it had a 331 stroker with heads, cam, vortech v2 t trim, TKO tranny 3.73 gears, radials, etc and only 80k miles. 470 rwhp on 10lbs and on a mustang dyno. I eventually got board of the 331 plus the weak 302 block was on borrowed time anyways so i recently pulled the engine and am currently working on a 351 build.

    351 f4te block
    f303 cam
    ported gt40x SVO heads
    stock crank and rods
    forged pistons
    SVO intakes
    alcohol injection

    I am hoping for 550rwhp on 14lbs of boost.

    I might make a thread on the build if ya'll want one.


    overlook the twist caps on the fan wiring. was trying out a new circuit
  2. looking good, welcome aboard!