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  1. Hello my name is Aaron I have been lurking around reading threads for a minute / decided to join in the forum activities.

    I am from texas and currently own a 97 mustang gt I am looking to put a new motor & trans in my 97gt and figured the folks here could give me some decent ideas as for how to go about this .

    I am looking at 2 or 3 diffrent options as far as engine replacement I was looking at the aluminator that ford is offering in the 2/3,&4 valve forced induction models .

    does anyone have a opinion on them ?

    I like the bolt in simplicity of the 2valve version but I also like the 4valve dohc version for its abillity to hold more power .

    What would be needed to make the dohc 4valve go in to 97 gt

    Thanks in advance.

    I forgot to use the search feature so if any of this has been covered im sorry.
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome! :)

    Might want to pop into 4.6 Tech to get those questions better addressed.