Help 03 Cobra

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  1. Looking at purchasing a 03 cobra convertible. Carfax shows no total loss no structural damage and no airbag deployments. Yet in California it says salvaged certificate then it was rebuilt in Louisiana and washed in Alabama. What could this be stolen or what.
  2. Well, run the vehicle identification number in those states.
  3. Hmmm. Louisiana...could be a Katrina car. I'd avoid it like the plague.
  4. It started in California
  5. Rebuilt in Louisiana doesn't necessarily mean it is a Katrina car. When does it say it was rebuilt?
  6. 05. The car was 35000 new so two years later you'd be looking at 25000 in damage to total. I just can't see that being the reason when it's showing no total loss no structural or air bag deployment. Called Cali DMV today no luck
  7. Katrina was in starts to add up.
  8. It was in Cali in 05
  9. Just move on there are a million sweet Mustangs out there with clean titles.
  10. OK... You said it was in Louisiana and I asked when it was said 05. So if it was in Cali in 05 then I guess it wasn't rebuilt in Louisiana in 05? Possibly was sold at auction and taken to Cali.
  11. I would just put my walking boots on with this one. Plenty of clean title and drama free cars out there that don't require a private investigator to get the whole story on the vehicle.