HELP! 1996 mustang 4.6 radiator (cooling) fan problems

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  1. My radiator fan sometimes does not turn on and I have to go play with the conector to the fan motor until comes on. I already changed the relay module in the passenger side fender (CCRM) and the coolant temperature sensor and it is still doing this.
    Also when it does come on, it doesn't come on until the temperature gauge reaches the M in NORMAL. Someone please point me in the right direction before I spend any more money on this.
  2. "...I have to go play with the conector to the fan motor..."

    Have you carefully examined the wiring and connector pins here for corrision, fatigue in the wires, bad connections etc?
  3. Yes there is no corrosion. I assume the pins in the connector don't always make contact with the pins in the fan motor. This usually happens after I go over a speed bump or rough surface.

    This is when I see the temperature gauge start going up so I pull over and sure enough the fan is not spinning anymore. Then I play with the connector a little and the fan turns on.
  4. Going to go out on a limb here. Your low speed fan is not working. Use a jumpper wire directly to the battery to test. Confirm BOTH speed fans work. There is an obvious speed difference between the low and high speed fans.

    +1 on what trinity_gt said. Great advice. :nice: Remember that the fans use A LOT of power. This requires a solid electrical connection. Not a bad idea to check the fan ground.

    Once both speed fans have been confirmed good AND the connector is in perfect shape additional trouble shooting is in order. Additional trouble shooting just doesn't make sense until this has been done.

    If just the low speed fan doesn't work, check the aux fan circuit breaker located in the small right hand engine bay fuse box.
  5. I took the car to the dealer and they told me it's because I have a coolant leak from the intake manifold and that is causing the coolant temperature sensor to work incorrectly.
    They also want $1,300 to change the intake manifold and I think that is WAY too much.
    I was thinking of just putting some rtv sealant where the leak is coming from.
    I would also like to know how hard it is to change the intake manifold becuase it looks pretty easy.
  6. not the whole intake manifold. just the crossover where the thermostat is on
  7. The coolant crossover is part of the intake. They can not be serviced separately. Good luck fixing with RTV.

    Search the forums. TONS of ppl have had the coolant cross over crack and leak. Esp on the all plastic intake.

    TONS of ppl have replaced their own intake manifolds and there are many write ups and how to articles. Take pictures. Let me repeat. Take pictures as the work is done.

    It took me 4 hours to change mine. Work slow and take your time. Do your homework so that you understand the job.

    The Dorman intake manifold is a good stock replacement. Well made. Includes gaskets. Search

    Dorman OE Solutions Intake Manifold 615-178 $198.38

    OBTW, if there is a coolant leak, air tends to collect in the cross over. This causes the sensor to contact air instead of coolant. As result, the sensor always reads low. No mention was made of coolant use or coolant leak in the original post.

    Good luck.
  8. About how much should i expect to pay for labor at a mechanic if order the Dorman manifold online? I don't mind paying for it. I just refuse to pay the dealer $1300 to drop another plastic manifold on my engine.
  9. FWIIW, no one will drop another all plastic intake on your car unless it is a salvage unit. No one makes an all plastic unit anymore.

    Consider that if you buy the part, most mechanics will not guarantee the job. But it pays to ask around.