HELP,,, 3.31,3.55 or 3.73 for 2011-5.0-GT?

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  1. I'm gonna order a 5.0, one of the option's are, rear differential, I'll be driving mostly in town, I don't know the proper gear to order.

    Please give me reasons, or justification's, for any of the three ratios, or if anyone knows of a LINK to explanations or applications for choosing one gear over the other I'm open for a 101.

    Also what are the other must have option's on the 5.0 (Is this the correct slang or is it GT?)

  2. 3.73's is the only option ya need
  3. I went with 3.55's, only because I do a lot of highway mileage. I figured it was the middle of the road solution between mileage and performance. Future mods will help me not miss having 3.73's.
  4. 3.73 no doubt. 6th gear in the manual is 0.65:1 so you should be around 1,900 RPM at 55mph.
  5. Agreed, 3.73's sound like a great idea.

    Really I can't think of any other must have mods.. but the Brembo brake package is sexah. personally I like having the side scoops, hood scoop, and the windows louvers.
  6. I'd have to see the torque curve on the new 5.0L, but my ballpark guess might be 3.55's. I had 3.27's in my Cougar when it was stock. After adding the blower, I stuck with them for a while, but often wondered that if 3.27's were good, then 3.73's must be better. I gave in and swapped them out and to be honest...hated it. My mileage only suffered slightly, but just driving around town was cumbersome. Short gear changes, shifts were in all the wrong places (automatic) and I wasn't crazy about running over 2,000RPM on the highway.

    Swapped back to 3.27's and don't regret it a bit. The funniest part is that it made no difference what so ever in the track times. If anything, the 3.27's allowed me to stay within the "meat" of my power band a little longer, taking full advantage of the torque curve. My car is heavier than the new Mustang, but it’s also making about 75lbs/ft more torque...and in lower ranges.

    It’s really up to you, but if it were me, I’d resist the urge. Especially if this is going to be a daily driver.
  7. thats exactly what i want with mine
  8. If you're not going to be tracking your car, brembos IMO are useless.

    I'd say the 3.73's and HID's (unless you want to install your own HID's for about $50) would be a good idea and would take that $1500 the brembo's would cost and put it into suspension or new wheels/tires. I think dropping it a bit and putting wider tires and the shelby spoiler would be a good DD.

    Might I suggest

    20x9/20x10 5x114.3 ET45 Carroll Shelby CS40 Wheels Silver Staggered
  9. I'd buy as big a brake package as is possible for a Mustang. It's ALWAYS the shortcoming of these cars.
  10. If you're taking it to the track a lot. It's not an issue for daily driving. You can always upgrade pads and stainless steel lines for better feel and stopping.

    and you can always upgrade to big brakes later down the road if the stock brakes do end up needing to be swapped. I just don't see them as a necessity for cruising around town other than a little extra bling.
  11. I wasn't a fan of the rims that come with the Brembos but after seeing them with the GB, huge fan. Amazing looking color contrast, plus the car comes with 255s instead of the 245s. Not a huge difference, but noticable. I don't remember the tires the different rims come with off hand, but I want to say they're more aggressive.

    I was slightly disappointed the Brembos aren't at least slotted, especially since this is an option many who would track the car would check. The brakes felt good in the one I test drove today. If I order the 5.0, I'm getting the Brembos.

    Couldn't tell much with the 3.73s. Wasn't allowed to truly open the car up on the test drive. So :shrug: .
  12. I ordered ten days ago and went with 3.55's. The old 4.6 with 320 foot pounds of torque needed a 3.73 a lot more than the new car will. 6th gear on the new tranny is about the same as 5th on the old gear box so with closer gears and 70 more foot pounds of torque, I think the 3.73's are overkill.

    I also say go for the Brembo brake package. You don't just get larger brakes but larger wheels and stickier tires. To do any of those on your own will cost nearly as much as the whole package does from the dealer. That is the advantage in that you only pay for upgrading the parts, not buying them all outright.

  13. Stop hard a few times even in a street mustang and you'll have some nice front rotor runout specs. There is no one with a Mustang who has never not done a little "spirited" driving.
  14. This one has been a touch one for me too... gear ratio is one of the last things I haven't been able to decide on.

    I've had (still having) a bad experience with 3.70 gears in a 351W powered Mustang with a Tremec 3550 5spd. when it had 3.25 gears, 1st gear was useable, and I could use 3rd gear to pass on the highway. Now with 3.70 gears, 1st gear is mostly useless, 2nd gear is necessary to pull out in traffic, and 3rd gear at highway speeds puts your face in the windshield.

    I'm kinda assuming the new 5.0 is going to be similar, except for it being able to rev to 7K rpm instead of the 6K my 351W runs to. Going to have to compromise with a 3.55 gear myself, but not ordering for at least another month so I have some more time to hear people's experience. 2011 will be a daily driver w/ about 15miles of back roads and 15miles of carpool lane each way. It'd also be my road trip car, and probably weekend toy as well.
  15. When I had my 97 GT (auto) the 3.73's made virtually no difference in acceleration.. just drank more gas. When I put the 4.10's in, HUGE difference in acceleration and still to this day, unexplainable better gas milage on the interstate vs both the 3.73's and stock gearing.

    I think in the 5.0, the 3.73's should be the go to gearing ratio.
  16. 3.73!!!

    Everything else is a waste.
  17. OK--> Why?

  18. I too am interested in this. I am wondering which one is really best, but am leaning towards to the 3.73s
  19. I still haven't placed an order because of the gear selection, I'm gonna live with this car and the last thing I need, is regrets over ordering the wrong option to satisfy my needs.

    Soon as I'm able to test drive a 3.73 in city traffic, only then will I place an order.

    I drove two (M & A) with 3.31 gears and was happy but I need to experience first hand how it (3.73) will perform in city driving, I don't want to be shifting multiple times between stop lights (One block) also I've read where some start out in 2nd gear,,I don't want that.

    Bottom line, armed with advice from here and other places, combined with a hands on test will decide my final decision.