Electrical Help 3g To 6g Alternator Install

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  1. So i'm putting a 6G 3bolt Alternator in the mustang so i cant run higher amps. I'm using 96 Ford Aluminum truck brackets to do this.

    It will allow me to re-install my 95 Mustang A/C while allowing for a higher amperage Alternator (3Bolt truck style)

    I'm currently using 302 fox brackets on my 351.

    Is this pretty straight forward?

    I see that there is a large case Alternator and a Small one. What Ford vehicles came with the large 6G case factory?

    If theres anything else i'm missing someone let me know.

    I guess i'll need to use the 6G 3 wire plug.

    Thanks Ahead,
  2. You're using a non-white regulator version, no?

    It's about the same as I recall, except the stator circuit is internal (so the stator wires on your OEM harness need not be connected at either end).
  3. Not sure what that means.

    I have a 3G alternator in there now. The Alternator that fits the bracket has has 3 wires and the main power lead. I'm not sure if maybe even the local armature shop could modify it if need be. Ebay has 6G to 3GG adapters and the only difference besides the plug seems to be the 4th individual wire that the 6G truck alternator doesn't use.

    I dont know a whole lot about wiring these things but i can read a diagram. I may have to hunt down the Diagram for a 95 mustang and the Truck alternator.
  4. Do you know the regulator color on the 6G you wanna use?

    The white regulator version is ECM controlled and would be a pain to retrofit.Those have 3 wires on the regulator.

    The grey/black regulator version has 2 wires on the regulator (not 3) and would be an easy retrofit.
  5. BTW, is the adapter you're looking at just a plug conversion? You can use one of those or just use a 6 G plug (soldered to your OEM wiring). A grey/blk 6G uses the OEM ignition and sense circuits (the white stator wires are omitted).
  6. Well right now i was going to do it on a budget so i was E-baying for a factory Alternator. I wasn't aware of different regulators.

    Do you know what factory vehicles came with an altenator that has the grey/ black regulator?

    I as just going to solder in a plug for a cleaner look but wasn't sure if the pin out on the 6G are different from the 3g.
  7. I'm only familiar with the aftermarket offerings, so I'm not sure which ones have the non-EEC controlled regulators. The Mustang ones might actually be grey/blk IIRC.

    Soldering in a 6G pigtail should be fine. The wire colors (y/w and lt grn/red) are even the same as I recall.
  8. Curious...buy why go through the trouble of swapping to a 6G? You can buy 3G alts that'll reliably belt out 200A and bolt directly in place of your old unit. I can't imagine you'd need any more power than that, no matter what your'e running? :shrug:
  9. I like the 351 bracketry better.
    Its pretty light.
    I have a 2000 Watt sound system :).
    It will accept the factory AC.
    I currently use Fox brackets which wont accept the newer 4 bolt AC
    My stock 95 Brackets are long gone
    I hear the 6G has better bearings and is more durable. (Seems like i blow a 3G Alt whenever i start shifting 6500RPM) lol
    I have these 351 brackets that will go in easily and allow AC if only i can figure out the Alt wiring.

  10. You can fit a 3G alternator into a Fox bracket with just a little grinding.

  11. I already have a 3G in the Fox bracket. But i want my A/C back. My SN95 Brackets are long gone.

    What i did realize is that they made 3G and 6G alternators in that 3 bolt style. So i got a 130Amp 3G for now. it was $30 total on Ebay and even came with the pig tails. My current alternator uses a stator just like the replacement.
  12. Make sure it's actually a 130A 3G and not the more popular 95A version. I've see 95A versions advertised as the 130A version on Ebay regularily. There are small differences in the case that if someone didn't know any better, woldn't pick up at first glance.

  13. Crap i just saw your post getting back from New Hampshire today. I can't really tell from the pic aside from the fact that it looks like it has the smaller pulley on the one i bought. It was only $30 so if anything i'll shelf it when i buy the one i want as a backup. It came from a 93 Bronco and i know those came with the 95A. But maybe this one was upgraded? (Cross Fingers)

    Heres the link to the one i bought.
  14. Yeah i hope its at least the right case. I can have it locally rebuilt to something stronger. I'll take some pics of the SN/95 With Bronco Brackets when i get it all together.
  15. OK so here's how i ended up with the truck brackets. Figured i would give an Update. Looks nice and makes things east to work on. I can use the OEM A/C (Which i need to somehow fabricate custom lines) But i also get the 3 Bolt Alternator. The cheap on off ebay wasn't the 130amp i was hoping for. But it got the car out the door. The car will be getting parked soon for the year anyways.