Help 93,99,03 Cobra decision.

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Which cobra to go with. They are all projects

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  1. 1993 Cobra R-title Damaged Passenger side Project Have $4500.00 in it

  2. 1999 Cobra Vert. Ready to go R-title 90k $5500.00

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  3. 2003 Cobra Vert. project 20k R-title Was Flood (freshwater) $8000k

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  1. Ok so here's the deal and I appreciate all those who read and reply as we all been there looking for opinions. So I have a 1993 Cobra RED/Grey that is a R title didn't buy it that way but when I got the title back it did (long story) Anyway it is wrecked in the passenger side and will need some work to put bcd to it's glory. I have been tinkering selling it. (GF supports car habit wants me to get a vert) I am selling a 05 Roush GT sig car here in the next month that I bought that I'm just not in love with it as much as I thought when I bought it. I do miss my 03 Cobra I sold to a friend of mine. So to get to the point, I know where a Flood (FRESH Completely submerged) 03 cobra vert with 20k on it is. They have done most of the work but car doesn't have blower or anything on the top end and the one valve cover is loose and there is some nasty looking rust starting on the cam lobes and what not from it sitting open. Not sure why he would do that? Also, he said he didn't change or check fluid in the diff or tranny. Some unknowns there. He wants 8k for it. (Will be Salvage Title) It does look nice other wise and has been stripped and cleaned and mostly put together otherwise. Well then there is a white 99 cobra vert (FLOOD) as well (Unknown flood water type not from Sandy storm) Anyway, couldn't confirm flood level appears to have been below dash as I could not even tell it was flooded if It wouldn't have been on the title. At any rate he wants 5500. for it. It has some 03 cobra visual upgrades (03 seats,03 front and rear cover and deckled with spoiler. It has a shifter (unknown) and exhaust. Has some after market bullit wheels on it 17x9 and 17x10's on the back has a few paint blemishes and interior needs a couple small things but otherwise it's in good shape. Top is good however it tries to go down but something will need dealt with. I'm assuming pump cylinder or something. There is also an abs light on. (who knows what's going on with that) Bottom line is I really want a new 5.0 but I have been keeping cash for a side business and would rather make money then drive it in a sense. Anyway she is tired of me buying things for myself fixing and selling them. I've had this 93 Cobra for a year and have just been buying lil stuff but nothing has happened. She says I should just sell it and by the 99 cause it's something that could be used and enjoyed and fixed and modded as you go. I on the other hand if I'm selling the 93 I would rather buy another 03. But yes it can't be had for 5500 and the 03 could get up into the 10k 11k area by the time you get it all sorted out. Now after I wrote this small book what would you guys do? And is the 99 even worth 5500? I do like that I could drive it now. Opinions please.