Help,anyone Know,balance Specs,for 96,3.8l Manuals Flywheel And Hormonic Balencer, And 97,auto.,flex

can any one help me

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Dec 26, 2017
help, does any one know the balance specs and sizes for 96,3.8l mustang flywheel and harmonic balancer and the 97,3.8l,automatic flex plate and harmonic balancer? witch are they both 28, 50, etc.. I have a car that is a 96 3.8l manual trans t5. this car has an 97,3.8l automatic motor placed in the manual. I need to figure out what the sizes are between the two are because my car has the flywheel from 96 manual mounted to the 97 automatic motor and the 97 motor has all the top end and bottom end parts on the block from the 96 manual. I bought the car this way, it shock the whole car ever since the other person put this motor on it, did not shake before person placed this 97 motor in it, I believe that the balance is off and cant find out what the balance would be for each car on each end flywheel and harmonic balancer and fly wheel and harmonic balancer from both of the vehicle's . I need this to fix my car in order to take the flywheel off it and either buy or have machined it to the specs of the automatic motor balance. so what is the balances of 96,3.8l manual flywheel and harmonic balancer and sizes of clutch to it. and sizes and balances of the automatic flex plate and harmonic balancer so I can correct the fly wheel on this car?
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Ok I have done some additional research and have learned something about the 1996 V6. Going through the interchange data from for say a V6 flywheel. According to car-part a flywheel from a 1996 will NOT interchange with a 1997-1998.

Also according the car-part a V6 motor from a 1996 MY will not interchange with a 1997-1998 MY.

Honestly I don't have any idea what the real differences are. But this adds credibility to the possibility that if the flywheel from a 1997 model year V6 were used it could solve your problem.

Again, I don't have any idea what the difference could be. Before now I assumed it would be the same (sorry). But know how salvage yards operate I have to assume that if the parts could interchange that it's in the salvage yards best interest to allow for the widest possible interchange.

I encourage you to do your homework. Perhaps even talk to a few salvage yards. Maybe find someone that knows what the real difference is.

Also check out this recent thread. Note the part about the symptom of a broken front crank damper.
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