Help!! Broken Key

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by GeeCueSN95, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. last night I lost it and slammed into a curb cracking my rim. cut car off to see the damage, and guess what.. I mixed my keys up (mustang/explorer) so I tried turning it on with the explorer key which belle in the ignition. anybody know how to remove the piece of broken key?
  2. Dentist pick set. I use them at work to extract broken taps.

    Get the nice stainless steel ones. They will be really sharp and dig into the key.
  3. really? man Ima have to go after work... I know if I call a locksmith jma get raaaped with those prices. not to mention having to buy a new rim and tire smfh.. horrible night
  4. A locksmith is going to do the same thing I mentioned first. Then if all else fails he will remove the barrel from the ignition switch I would guess.
  5. so after like 5 hours of trying with 2 flimsy ass paperclips, I finally got the piece of key out. I was over here stressing at work. thanks for your help though
  6. :D Paperclips are made of flimsy mild steel. Stainless steel picks would have pulled it out really easy. Wal-Mart sells them. Just replying so anyone else facing this problem can see a solution.
  7. yea it was a struggle and I wanted to go buy some after work but kept trying in the meantime... they trick is this, on the top of inside the keyhole is a small tab which prevents the key from being wiggled out... I held it up with one paperclip and used the other to wiggle it out. yes it's flimsy and a b**** to get but it actually worked for me. thanks for the info tho