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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MRaburn, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. We have a new support system here on Pro3.

    We have the ability to build a FAQ database.

    If you would like to submit some tech FAQ, we would be glad to put in the system.

    Just send an email to us at [email protected].

    Please include your Forums user name. :)

  2. You want answers too??
  3. good idea, should cut down on the "How do i adjust my TPS" type of threads...
  4. Maybe.
    It probably won't cut down on the "how do I get a custom title" threads, though.
  5. Yeah , those custom title threads need to go.
  6. FAQs, I guess just as simple as what I'm asked everyday.

    1.) (Q) What should I look for when choosing my first mustang?
    (A) First off you'll want to check for the basics, unusual sounds, smells coming from the engine bay while the car is running. Check for unusual tire wear, over-rebounding shocks, inner fenders for signs of accidents and/or frame damage, this may be easier then trying to spot bondo when you're searching for your first gem. Check under the wheel wells in the rear end and inside door jams/trunk/sun roof lid for rust and/or tape lines/bondo.
    Also while you're at it, if you can slide underneath, or just peer under the sides, check for bent up jacking rails and torque boxes, this isn't necessarily a BAD thing, just if you can keep it to a minimum it'll make things a lot easier on you in the near future when you're trying to build the monster of your dreams. Check for aftermarket parts that would have been welded to the frame such as torque boxes and subframe connectors.
    Check for the simple things while looking into the engine compartment, pull a plug out if you can, see what kind of shape it is in, excessive oil/carbon may be the result of rings leaking, valve seats going bad, check for the stock airbox and if it has one then check for the silencer inside the inner passenger fender.. yeh right. Take a look for aftermarket pieces such as headers, stickers that may indicate aftermarket air filters or camshafts (also the idle lope may give you an idea if it has an aftermarket cam or not), etc.
    Some bad running/idling conditions may not be as bad as you may think, they may just require simple modifications to cure the problem, but you will have to just find out that the hard way!

    Anyways, hope this helps, I'm sure you can add add add to this answer because there is millions of different things to look for, some in which I would look for and just not realize it. But have faith and use your best judgement, sometimes there is swindlers out there trying to pass off their junk to you but sometimes there is good/honest people selling good clean cars. Any questions please feel free to email me [email protected] and just ask.

  7. You could simply post links to threads with info on the subject requested.

    5.0 Tech:

    How do I do a 5lug conversion?

    What gears are the best?

    What cat-back system sounds the best?

    Will SN95 seats fit in my fox stang?

    How can I make my 1/4 window trim look better?

  8. How do I use the SEARCH feature?;) :shrug:
  9. Not to flame, but did you guys notice he said to email your suggestions, not reply to the post... food for thought...
  10. Doh! :doh: Well I guess that FAQ will go to waste then because I'm too lazy to email it! :nice:
  11. you could do like does

    they have a best of question and answer thread, there is the regular topics and ones that truely have good information that are put aside for all to reference with out having to search, for instance, there was a great one on "quench" placed on there a few weeks back.

    I think the main topics I see on this board are head intake combinations/advice or troubleshooting, cam profile questions, and rear questions

    it would be neat to have a FAQ on these, there is something like that you already have in the parts review section, not to many people I think are aware of it however

    good luck whatever you come up with....
  12. :p
  13. How about a tech article on how to do a gasket R&R on an Olds Quad 4? ;) They go through head gaskets every 40-50K miles!

    How you can effect the A/F mixture by changing the air filter to a K&N, adjusting the FP, putting on cool stickers, putting on a huge wing, sticking the fuel pump nozzle up their ***. :) And people should *get a clue* what the O2 sensors do and what they are used for.

    But, most important of all:
    FOUR EYES RULE! :joy:
  14. do you even know what the o2 sensors do? I thought they were just there for looks.. you faq... lol
  15. I welcome you to have it on your website :) Thanks for adding it!
  16. Great! I'll keep it and that can be another article referenced in the stangnet FAQ. It also fits in nicely with my other drive train and suspension information.

    I've been trying to compile a brake/ driveline/ suspension reference site. I want to present a more general version of what Matt has on his awesome brake upgrade site. I know that *I* wasted *many* hours getting the axles out because of vague instructions. Also, I had *no* idea how/where to mount the bracket that holds the rear rubber for the calipers. I'm hoping that with links to enough tech articles, people can avoid a lot of frustration/delay that I went through.

    I did a similar thing for when someone wrote up an article, about 2 weeks ago, on how to do a head gasket R&R on a V6 in a GM N/L-body. It's similar to doing a head gasket swap for the Olds Quad 4 that gets ~50K miles per head-gasket. Also, Hyanes and Chiltions (sp) aren't very useful if you're doing FWD stuff for the first time. I can appreciate even more what the teens/early-20's working in their cars for the first time are going through. In my teen years, my best friend's father owned a garage. It was great for getting answers on "how do I..." questions.

    I'll glady add more writeups to my site if someone wants. I've had my veryuseful domain for *many* years. It's main use was for hidden links to personal pictures that I would post for family and friends of my races (running) and my SUPER CUTE doggie! Nowadays, it gets used more for stang info. It cost less than ~$100/year for hosting and domain name. So, my site is going to be around for a long long time!
  17. I'll try to do some more writeups with all the stang stuff im goin through my whole 91 and frankly its just a mess lol :D so i'll try to get everything down step by step for other things.. I already yanked the motor and can't quite do a write up now considering I dont remember every step and will probably never get that back together with my luck :(