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  1. Maybe with this we can get rid of the almighty How much power will I make to the wheels? I know I ve asked it in the past but now have given up on it.
    Please include the AOD to 5 speed conversion on this section. Also the 302-351w swap. And how bout a 2v - 4v conversion. Ive done all three of these swaps and would be more than happy to aide anyway I can.

    I like madquake's idea on the performance expectations. Thats an excellent idea.
  2. AODE- 5 speed swap for the SN95 5.0L
    1. Disconnect battery
    2.Jack the car up or put it on a lift.
    3. remove the exhaust.
    4. remove the starter
    5. remove the shifter and the inner console
    6. unplug the wires in the console and cut the shift lock off of the shifter.
    7. once the wire is cut push it in the sleeve and tape it so it will not come back out.(this will lock the wheel if not done)
    8. remove the driveshaft.
    9. unplug the Trans wiring harness.
    10. remove the bellhousin to block bolts.
    11. remove the crossmember bolt to the trans but do not remove the crossmember yet.
    12. slide trans back and remove the torque converter bolts(4)
    13. place a floor jack or trans jack under neath the trans
    14. remove the cross member
    15 remove the trans
    16. remove the dust plate and flex plate

    Now for the install
    1. make sure you have all of these parts first.
    Trans specific to 94-95 or a d/s spacer(but not necessary)
    bellhousing, flywheel, pilot bearing, 93 and below clutch fork(tremec only), clutch, pressure plate, t/o bearing, trans fluid.
    2. install the pilot bearing.
    3. install the flywheel
    4. install clutch with the use of a clutch allignmet tool or old input shaft.
    5. install the bellhousing
    6. place t/o bearing on the input shaft in front of clutch fork
    7. install trans
    8. now reverse all the steps for removal of the AODE
    9. Make sure you use lock tite on all bolts!!!:cool:
    10. As far as electronics go you need a new CPU and supposedly a new wiring harness. But I still have my Aode wiring harness. You just have to bypass the neutral safety switch.

    Pedal Install is the hardest part of the whole job. Its cramped and you have to disconnect the steering shaft. 2 people are required for this job.
    I hope this helps someone. It took me 4 1/2 hours with a friend and a lift. Also had all the tools.:cheers:
  3. Good job nunly :nice:
  4. Thanx! I have done two AODE swaps 1 351w swap and Ill never again help out doing a 2V-4V swap. That was a pain in the yin yang. If you want to see our 351w work go to the search for 351 swap pics. Or something like that. The car goes 12s easily.
  5. CAr will not crank...

    Here's a checklist for Mustangs without the high torque (compact) starter:

    1.) Will the car start if it is jumped? Then clean battery terminals and check battery.

    2.) Check the battery to engine block ground, and the ground behind the engine to the firewall.

    3.) Jump the big terminals on the starter relay next to the battery with a screwdriver - watch out for the sparks! If the engine cranks, the starter and power wiring is good.

    4.) Then pull the small push on connector off the starter relay (Looks like it is stuck on a screw) and jump it to the terminal that is connected to the battery. If it starts, the relay is good and your problem is in the ignition switch

    5.) The starter may be hung, loosen up the bolts that hold it on, and give it a good whack with a big hammer. Tighten up the bolts and try again.

    6.) If that doesn't work, use a jumper cable from the positive lead on the battery direct to the starter post where the big wire from the relay connects. If it cranks then, it is the power wire from the relay gone bad. This will be hard to do, since there isn't much room to do it.

    7.) Pull the starter and take it to Autozone or Pep Boys and have them test it. Starter fails test, then replace it. If you got this far, the starter is probably bad.
  6. i haven't checked page one, so i don't know if anyone said this

    i think we should get a spot for the "what midpipe" or more commonly seen as "H or X pipe??"

    heh, get some dyno sheets, prove the differences, in different cases, and show them links to what the sounds might be like....

    because i've seen this here, on average, twice a week? maybe more?:D
  7. How do I get my car to beat an LS1???

  8. My suggestion:

    All the answers to the FAQ should be either yes or no.
  9. Re: My suggestion:

    I don't think thats gonna cut butter at all in a FAQ... Thats like "how do I remove my tranny?" (your answer is YES!) Wow that helped me! Heck if thats the case then why dont we start our own chiltons manual.... "Engine removal and rebuild" Answer: Remove engine, put new engine in, enjoy!" Wow that really showed me all the things I need to know like how to relieve pressure from the schrader valve, draining all the fluids, removing fan shroud, fan, radiator, exhaust h-pipe, fuel injector harness, fuel rail, intake, etc etc.... You can not make a good FAQ with just a yes/no index to it.
  10. Ok, then. How about this:

    All the answers to the FAQ's should be either:

    "Installation is the reverse of removal"


    "Removal is the reverse of installation".

    I'm just kidding. :)
  11. Ummm....GAY

    This is a F.A.Q not a freaking complete HOW-TO manual. This is ridiculous…go buy a Chilton's.

    It should be a quick reference for people to get good, solid background information that is quite readily available. Someone wanting to swap out their tranny isn't just a simple newb and probably has/needs a lot more resources than a stupid message board. The F.A.Q is to alleviate the redundant crap that most of us can answer and discuss in our sleep and hear so many times we want to buy an import! :mad:

    1) Standard mod list and suggestive order for upgrading a 'Stang – “Yeah I just bough a 91’ LX 5.0 and already removed the silencer and has 14* timing, what else should I do, oh and I only have $700!”
    2) Gear selection - "what gear should I get with XXX?"
    3) Mass air meter information – brands, sizes, HP increases, installation, SD -> MAF conversion, etc
    4) Exhaust performance and sound - "which gives more horsepower and which sounds the best and can I pass emissions?", “Which headers are the best for HP and sound?”
    5) Cold air/ram air kits – “Who makes the best cold air kit?”, “How much HP increase from this…”
    6) Pulleys – brand recommendations, pros/cons, HP increase, etc
    7) Common heads available along with their standard HP gains and flow characteristics and pricing[/b] – GT-40P/X, AFR, TFS, Edelbrock, Brodix, Holley, Weiand, etc (also carburetor stuff for the non-EFI crowd)
    8) Combo suggestions for the Ford letter cams – “I was wondering if I should get the B-303 or E-303 FMS cam? Is the X too much?”
    9) Wheel/rims and tires - "which look better and perform the best and are cheapest?", “What kind of 60 ft times can I expect?”
    10) Backspacing and wheel sizes for proper fit - "will 17x10's fit on my stock 5.0?"
    11) 2) Suspension definitions and suggestive upgrades like spring rates, effects of lowering, drag shocks, adjustable shocks/struts, control arms, sub-frame connectors, C/C plates, K-member, etc etc – “I want my car to handle/launch better…”, “Which suspension people are the best”
    12) Weight saving suggestions and procedures – “How do I remove my smog pump?”, “What belt length do I need if…”, “How much should my car weigh…”
    13) Injector sizes, HP range and fuel information such as pump size, price and where to buy – “I have XXX, should I upgrade my fuel pump?”
    14) Air/Fuel settings
    15) How much horsepower with XXX combo, what 1/4 times - "I have a GT-40 this and that, 70mm TB, gears and exhaust, what should I run?"
    16) PRICING on standard upgrade parts - TB, intakes, exhaust, CAI kits, tires, gears, cams, etc. and where to get them both online and catalog
    17) Hood and body part selection, pricing and reputable vendors
    18) How to lower 60 ft times – “I’m spinning a lot off the line what should I do?”, “This WRX toasted me and I want to whoop his @$$ give me suggestions!”
    19) How to launch/shift and what RPM's
    20) Standard problem solving, tune-up and checklists – “I hear some noises, like pinging and knocking from my intake area, what can it be?”, “I rev my car up in first gear and it falls flat on it’s face, what should I do?”, “I feel a major loss of horsepower…”, “Need help fixing vacuum leak!”, “My car is burning oil!”
    21) Idle problems – “My car’s idle surges”, “My car is hard to start when it’s warm and it idles weird!”
    22) Timing suggestions and how to
    23) What oil is better - “Synthetic or conventional?”, “Which brand of oil…”
    24) Clutch and transmission recommendations and specs – “Should I go all out and get the TKO or 3550?”, “Which clutch is better the SPEC or King Cobra??”, “How much HP can the stock T5 handle?”
    25) Shifters - "Which shifter is better?", "Which should I get for my...?"
    26) Porting and polishing – “How much HP can I get if I port my heads and intake?”, “Where do I…”, “What is…?”
    28) Perhaps a crash course in camshaft dynamics is in order
    29) 302 vs. 351, stroker sizes- “Should I just keep my 302 and bore it out to 306 or should I get a 351?”, “Which is better for street dirving, 331 or 347?”, “How much horsepower can…?”, “Can I put a 351 in my Fox?”, “Is it easy to…”
    30) Superchargers and nitrous – “Which XXX should I get?”, “Which is better, XXX or XXX?”, “What size injectors should I get?”, “What PSI can I run?”, “How much HP can a stock block handle?”, “Who makes the best NOS kit?”, “Should Igo wet or dry?”, “What times will I run?”, “What all do I need for this and that…?” etc etc
    31) and lastly, “My buddy has a stock ‘98 Z28 and I have a ‘93 GT with XXX, who do you think will win?” :rolleyes:

    It’s all I could think of now but this should get us started nicely. THIS is what we need and what they’re gunning for guys.

    :nice: :flag:
  12. People can just use the SEARCH function for the stuff you posted... Considering there is only about 1 million threads on them. Now on the more specific stuff and things that have NOT been covered so many times such as removing your automatic transmission well that is on here... The faq isn't just for your newbies ya know. It's for everyone. Also don't state something stupid like "go buy a Chilton's" cuz if you've ever tried lookin at one of those moronic things then you know that they don't cover CRAP! I doubt they go any more in depth than ill go right here for rebuilding your motor "Remove old motor, install new motor. Enjoy!" that's about the extent of the help you get from a chilton's manual. Which is why most of us are lending a hand out to the rest of our fellow stangers.
  13. I disagree, I've gotten all sotrs of usful stuff out of chiltons. For instance, wiring diagrams. It helps to know what color wire you are looking for.
  14. You're clueless dude. It's a F.A.Q. = FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and this whole thing was started because people were complaining BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE NOT USING THE SEARCH FEATURE. Your little "1 million threads" comment is exactly what this is all about. It's not a freaking performance tech enthusiasts' manual.

    As for the manual're just wrong. I find them very usefull, but I will probably say Chilton's isn't nearly as good as Haynes.

    It's should be an easy reference for people just getting started or those who need a good reminder and to alleviate the INCESSANT and TIRING reposts of thouroughly answered questions.

  15. Way to go Raburn...picking such a hot topic....

    :D :D :D
  16. How do I make My AOD stronger
    How do I make My AOD faster
    How do I make My AOD shift

    I'm asked these everyday
  17. we need to have an article explaining why peak horsepower can be misleading and what you really need to know is power under the curve or average power. also something about power to weight ratios. too many people have asked me how car x is faster than car y when they're both rated at z horsepower. my most recent encounter was a co-worker that told me his stock 96 3.8 mustang made 230hp. i corrected him stating it makes 150hp and he sd no because it is faster than is 150hp tiburon was. long story short i proved it to him and he replied "how come it is so much faster than my tiburon was then?" at which point i explained power under the curve and how 4 cyl. motors are really peaky while 8 cyl's have a broader curve and the v6 obviously falls in the middle somewhere.

    How do I make My AOD stronger
    How do I make My AOD faster
    How do I make My AOD shift

    I'm asked these everyday

    answer to all three: get a 5spd ;)
  18. i wouldn't mind seeing some FAQ's about user profiles.

    the vb and html options for example.
    i'm a vb developer and am interested in using these tools...properly.


  19. I think Internexus is on the right track....

    Internexus, I think your posts are what is needed. The more detailed the better. There are always tricks of the trade that you pick up when actually doing a project that a book doesn't tell you. A simple question answer isn't going to do the trick. Those looking for info would simply repost the question and say they wanted more information.
  20. Sorry, double posted because of a network error.