HELP!!! car wont stay running

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by buff531, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. hey Green. whats up bud... so i havent taken the car to the shop yet... with the holidays i have been BROKE... today it was nice so i started putzing around with the car ab it.

    went outside and tried to start it and nothing so i played with the battery terminal connections and it started to crank. it actually started for as plit second and then died. it seems as if it really wants to start running but just cant kick over...

    everytime after you try to start teh car... as its turning over... when you keep the key in the "ON" position... literally right after the cranking... there is a small short buzz coming from around the battery area near the motor... my father said when he took the car in to get the fuel pump changed that the mechanic says that, something with the fuel pump was could cause the buzz... does this help you decipher whats going on at all? or could this be a fuel pump?

    i called the mechanic that changed it out before... told him whats going on with the scanner how it ran, i unplugged it and it died... his response was WTF! thats messed up i never heard of that before, if you pulled no codes you may have to take it to a dealership...

    any other bright ideas?
  2. hey Greensvt
    you were so helpful and wanted a response. sorry it took so long. I had a mechanic come to the house. i already had the tube off going to the throttle body from the air filter... all he did was spray starting fluid into it and it started and stayed running LOLOL and now it starts up right away LOL nothing needed to be done, and no codes needed to be read...:rlaugh:

    figured id just give you the update my man. hope all is well

    major kudo's for all of your help :nice: :nice: :nice: :flag: :D :rolleyes: :SNSign:
  3. Man I was wondering what happend to you since I last talk to you on the phone. I'm glad it worked out and it didn't turn out expensive for you. keep in touch and pm me if you need anything in the future.

    :flag: :nice:
  4. hey greensvt... would the idle air control valve relate to the issue above? now that the car runs sometimes the check engine light comes on and the car is bouncing around at idle and while driving. the valve read bad with the scanner tool. just curious...

    also youwouldnt happen to know the length of a 91 mustang would you? want to see if it would fit in my garage.