Help Choosing Auto Transmission


Jan 11, 2015
I am planning to swap out my T-5 manual for an automatic transmission (yeah, yeah, I know). I currently have a '65 Fastback, Ford Racing Crate 306 (340 hp) with EFI, 9" Versaille rear axle, Total Control front front end, power steering and brakes.

I am looking for opinions on what type of automatic transmission to put it and where to get it. I am military so i move a lot and cannot nail down a reliable mechanic. Seems like everyone has an opinion (on why not to do it, and what i need to do... but that's not what I looking for).

Thanks in advance.
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SN Certified Technician
Apr 12, 2002
depending on what you are wanting from the car, i will give you two recommendations;

1: for a city vehicle with very little highway use, and perhaps some race track time, a C4 built by someone like B&M or monster transmission will do nicely, especially if you limit your rear gear to 3.50-3.89 gears.

2: for some highway use, city use, some track time, and lower gears than listed above, an AOD built by someone like lentech or silverfox with a modified valve body shift pattern would be a good choice.

my preference would be for the AOD with a modified valve body, to include a constant pressure valve body to avoid issues with the TV cable adjustement, and modified shift pattern.


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Jul 13, 2002
Austin TX
Rbohm knows his stuff, listen to him. The thing I want to add is...if you choose AOD (I did) there's a lot of extra work (and some added expense beyond the tranny) compared to choosing a C4.


Nov 7, 2017
I'm new to this forum so I don't really no anybody here I was a trans builder for many years first if you want to go automatic I would run at least 3.89 gears the aod would probably be the best choice with a few upgrades rbohm mentioned the constant pressure valve body I would start there most important is your converter don't try to guess on a stall speed you can get close spend the money here and have one custom made there's a lot more but depends on how deep your pockets are you might think about the 4r70 I believe it would require a stand alone system I'm running a c4 in my 68 behind a 429 with no problems just no overdrive maybe a gear venders some day
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