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  1. Ok so I have gotten around to getting back on stangnet and now I find my account is on this low bandwidth "Mobile Device" setting. I am on a home computer with plenty of band width, So how do I turn it back to the old setting. I tried going to UserCP->Then Options. There was no Option to turn of the "Mobile Device" setting. Some one help me figure out how to go back to the look you get when you are logged out of stangnet plz.

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  2. Is the posted via mobile device tag at the bottom of your post...well is that the irony here?

  3. Well it automatically went and put that there. I didn't think to delete it. still how do you change back to the regular look
  4. Lower left corner of this page should display a drop down menu for selection.
  5. First you must choose the blue or red pill.
  6. When it went into this Mobile device mode that option no longer appears. I need to get this thing changed back but I can not find the option.

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  7. Some one plz help. Once again, once you chose the I phone/ Mobile option your account looses the option to go back to any other forum skin. That is what I need help with. I need to get out of this Mobile option that is what it is. thanks.
  8. Have you tried clearing your cookies?
  9. Can you access this page from a different computer and change it there?
  10. It is probably a browser setting on the system you are on. One way to verify is to use a different browser to check. More than likely it is just a setting for "remember site preferences" or a stangnet tracking cookie.

    log out of stangnet and delete the cookies and history from your browser. Depending on your browser, you may not have to dump all your cookies, just Stangnets.
  11. I don't think so as this is some one elses computer. As for browsers I have logged on using firefox, IE and others. The problem is once I am logged in, I am in this low bandwidth "mobile" option and there is no option to change the forum skin once in that option. I went to UserCP and found no forum skin option their either. what is the trick to reseting my prefrences here? Or how do I get out of this mobile option. gosh ....

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