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  1. so i have a flowmaster force II catback (2 chamber) and im looking for some louder mufflers. the muffs werent welded in when installed.

    so i want something that sounds good at idle, but gets louder and louder as the RPM's go up. my flowmasters are loud down below 2 or so and then quiet from there on. i want something opposite. i want something that screams like something thats about to die, but if i drive by a cop and i keep it below 2 ish rpm to not be loud loud...

    id like them to be stainless too if possible, and details on where i can get them (or link)

    thanks guys
  2. Flowmaster 40 series usually sound great on a Mustang.

    I also have the Force II system and I also dont think its loud enough. I plan on getting an offroad H pipe to louden it though.
  3. Original 40 series flows:nice:
  4. where can i find them
  5. American Thunder (40 series) :D ... You can get them many places but try out
  6. One word!
  7. BULLETS mobs car...:drool:
  8. do you have a stock H pipe? if so, all mufflers are going to drone around 2000 and seem to get quieter as RPMs increase. keep the mufflers you have and get an off road H or X pipe. it will have a great idle sound, drone a bit louder at about 2400 than it does now at 2000 but at high RPMs it will SCREAM. Force II's sound GREATTTTTT with an off road midpipe. probably my favorite setup.

    as for passing a cop, just throw it to the next higher gear and lug past him or throw in the clutch and coast

    btw, force II's are actually 3-chambers (50 series)...the american thunder cat back has 2-chambers (40 series)
  9. My Spintechs are like that. Quieter than a Flowmaster original 40 down low, but loud up top!
  10. I had 3 chambered flows. A little louder then stock muffs on a 5.0
  11. yeah with the stock H they arent all that loud, but with an off road H they screammm...had a 91 LX (hence my s/n) with that combo and it was the sweetest sounding mustang around these parts
  12. i would get an offraod h but i dont want to have to take it down and put the stock one back up at inspection time. i was thinking of getting a catted h pipe but funds dont support a 300 dollar midbpipe. i know there 3 chamber, thats why i was asking if i should go to 2 or spintechs, ect.

    edit- remember those sites with different header, midpipe, muffler combos and sound clips for each. where did they go?

    no matter what you do, until you change the midpipe you wont get a truly nasty sound out of the car. the closest you can come is going with an expensive muffler like a dynomax race bullet
  14. at idle the 40 series flows sound the best with a nice cam. If you want everyone looking at you at all times and all the car alarms going off. The think I hate about them is the interior noise is obnoxious and they drone alot. I personally like for driveability my old DynoMax Super Turbos on my 89 they have quiet interior noise and they get obnoxious when you need them there. My new notch has Mac and they have a nice sound similiar to flowmaster with a deeper tone on the punch and no drone.
  15. I still have my 3 chamber flows. I'd like to here them with my new catted X pipe. With the stock H there too quiet.
  16. bullets are only $35,thats pretty cheap compared to the rest of them.
  17. I have 3 chamber flows and a bbk catted h-pipe. It's pretty quiet, but it's gotten a little louder since I bought the car. When I bought it the exhaust was brand new, and it has about 5k miles on it now. It's nowhere near loud enough imo, but it doesn't sound all that bad. I might try putting an off-road X on it to see how the mufflers sound opened up, but if I don't like it I will probably get macs. Mac is just about the best sounding muffler out there for these cars imo, whether it's with an o/r h or x. I agree that changing your mufflers won't do you much good, you'll have to get an o/r midpipe to make it sound how you want. The midpipe can be changed in less than an hour when you have to go to emissions, it's really no big deal.
  18. man you guys must like your cars LOUD if you think Force-II with cats is quiet. people used to find it hard to beleive that i had cats on my 03 GT because it was IMO almost the perfect sounding exhaust. i would have liked it a little louder but it was nice

    that is my 03 GT that had a BBK 2-Cat H pipe and Flowmaster Force-II Cat-Back.

    Pretty effing loud if you ask me...obviously not exactly the same as what a 5.0 would sound like, but at least you can hear the loudness and sound quality.

    heres another one where i went for a little drive...ugh caught rubber downshifting into 2nd trying to stop at the end...yep im a dumbass lol
    (PS ignore my friends commentary...i guess the camera was running out of memory)
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  19. Pypes Violators. 'Nuff said.
  20. i love my macs, no question. I had super 40 flows with a stock h pipe and it was horrible. When i put on the o/r x it was 10x better