Help Design Our 71 Mach 1

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  1. I'm currently deployed and trying to put the parts together to build up my Dad 71 Mach 1. It is bone stock and been inside since 81. 351c-4v was blown in 79. Missing the 4 speed.

    Want to build a clean street/track car. We have a new 351w that was built for dirt track b-mods a few years back. It should be around 350-380hp.

    This is a list of what I'm looking to do:
    -Lower a few inches
    -Run at least 10" wide tread in the rear.
    -Run a floater housing.
    -Update suspension & breaks.
    -Run a newer mustang transmission.

    What I'm hoping that you all could help me with is part details. Whats the best suspension companies that I should look at? What would be the best width of housing to get wheel clearance? If I run a modern manual what bellhousing do I need? Any other detail or area I am bound to miss.

    I'm not worried about cosmetics or interior, only chassis and drive-train.

    Any and all advice welcome.

    Thank you.
  2. When you say "street/track" car, what kind of track are you thinking? 1/4 mile? Road course? As far as transmissions go, the T5 is an easy swap with a 5.0 bell housing. Again, depending on your plans, you can use a Richmond trans, or a Tremec. Does your car still have the clutch pedal in it? If not, you are going to have to get in contact with Modern Driveline, as a stock 71 clutch pedal assembly is an expensive thing to replace. There are a lot of write ups on hydraulic conversion's on the web..
  3. Thanks Woodsnake - I mean road course as in track. I believe it does have the clutch pedal. The Cleveland was just pulled after it was grenade'd.

    Growing up in dirt track my knowledge of real transmissions is limited to locked up C-4s and direct drives. I saw a lot of Richmond products around. How do T5's - Richmond- Tremec compare? Wheres the best place (site) to look for a new trans?

    Do you know what size wheels are feasible and the offsets needed to run them?
  4. I would think that for a road course car, you will be maxing out the RPM's, so probably at stock T5, or T5 Z isn't the best option.
    While I was deployed, I spent a LOT of time on Summit racing.

    I followed a lot of these boards, mostly this one, and
    Check out

    For more specific info. I don't know about the wheel widths. Building engines and suspensions in my head made otherwise terribly boring desk time a lot more enjoyable.
  5. Check out heidts for their 4 link suspension also, pick some of their subframe connectors. That will let you take those curves with a lot less body flex.
  6. I don't see any heidts 4 link available for 71-73 Mustangs.