Help! Engine Replacement, Now Throw Out Bearing??


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Jul 3, 2016
2003 Mustang Gt, 44k original miles and has been taken care of not ragged. It is modded with all the typical bolt ons and also has a procharger kit, long tubes etc.
So i was driving home and had a rod start knocking. so after i got the bad new i ordered a remanufactured engine from promar and had it installed from a near by shop with pretty good references and reviews. After 2 weeks of waiting(way longer than quoted) i pick my car up and noticed instantly a weird noise coming from my shifter. So opened the door and realized it was coming from the transmission area (after the mechanic looked dazed and confused as he walked around it). after they put it on a lift the owner walks out and says, oh yea thats normal its just transmission overlay or rollover or some random some crap he fed me. I said no, im not going for that my car never made this noise before. So after talking we decided i would take it back in a week once they cleared and had time to work on it. Hes not planning to do anything about it because hes not sure how it drove before. I know seems like a great mechanic so far huh.
ADDITIONAL ISSUES- Ac now blows hot air, car seems to be misfiring? or maybe timing issues?
if you tap gas it seems to lag or bog, and going through the break in period i cant get on it but from what i notice is major bogging out when under moderate throttle. Morning start up or few hours after not running it doesnt start first try it immediatly dies but fires up perfect on second try, which is what leading me to think misfire maybe. He said he replaced the plugs with excel plugs but i noticed the coils were the same as before (i was always told to change them together). Maybe plugs were gaped incorrectly?
Also im not sure why but after checking engine bay we noticed the coolant was almost bone dry, we filled it and it somewhat seems like theres not pressure in lines. Havent noticed any loss of coolant but have only put 40 miles on it since ive had it back.
please give me some ideas so i have some ammo when i take it to him tuesday morning. He seems to be trying to give me problems like hes going to say it probably ran bad before.
I was told most shops change the throw out bearing automatically when replacing an engine block?
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I didn't really have an issue with the stink...
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Mar 2, 2015
The throw out bearing should have been replace along with clutch and flywheel. I've seen a lot of people get away with not changing I if everything is in like new condition.

With your car having 44k on it I would've recommended clutch, flywheel, and throw out bearing. Sounds like they may not have charged the A/C.

Is your check engine light on ?

There are so many variables with motor jobs. I hope they get it straight for you.


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Jul 3, 2016
When I took it in the only issue was the rod knocking. Bought the engine block and had it replaced. I just don't see how in that all of these other problems came about. The bogging and timing I can understand,maybe a small fix for them. But the noise from what I'm assuming is the throw out bearing is what's driving me crazy
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