Help finding Bullitt wheels with correct offset.

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  1. UPDATE PICS Scroll down...

    I need help finding some Anthracite Bullitt wheels with S197 backspacing specs. I have been searching for 18x10 +45mm offset. I can find the SN95 backspacing for the front, 18x9 +24mm, but come up short when the rear comes into play.

    My current setup is 95 GT front spindles, 97 rear 8.8 hence the need for S197 offset.

    Anyone know where to buy Anthracite 18x10 +45mm Bullit Wheels???

  2. Trying to figure out why you want a +45 mm offset with a 10inch rim. You should be looking for a +22 mm offset. Unless you have something up your sleeve that I know nothing about. :D
  3. Mayyyybee... haha Im running a rear end out of a SN97 car, so the rear wheelbase is a little bit wider. I had 17x9 +24mm BlackChrome Cobra R's in the rear and they were stickin out past the fender, so 18x10 +22mm would REALLY stick out.

    Thank you sir! I'll post up the pictures when I get them installed!
  4. OK, next issue, I put the rear 18x10 Bullitt's in my cart at American Muscle, but they dont sell 18x9 Bullitt's for the front that aren't DEEP DISH!!

    Any thoughts on 18x9 Anthracite Bullitt from 50resto being the exact color match and style match to what American Muscle has?? I cant imagine there are 20+ wheel manufacturers out there, they gotta be getting them from the same source...

    This is frustrating, I just want this done and over with. I've been searching for the right wheel combo for the past 6 months now. Trying to decide on style and color and size and then finding the right offset's to go with my car..
  5. 18x10 wheels with a +45mm offset is the right wheel for the 94-98 rear axle on a fox. You can also go 18x9 wheels with the same +45mm offset. The 18x9 will have more clearance at the fender lip, so keep that in mind.
  6. I had 17x9 +24mm on the front before and liked how they looked on the car, Im just wanting to swap them out for 18" Bullitts. I also think I would lose way too much steering angle if I were to run the S197 offset up front too. If I did 18x9 +45mm front, they would be inset 21mm more than the 17x9 I had on there before.

    If I buy the wheels from seperate places and they arent the exact same, as long as I dont mount tires or mount them on the car they should take them back correct? I know Mustangs Unlimited does this.
  7. Update: Called Mustangs Unlimited after my last post and they had exactly what I was looking for, granted they had to order it. But because we've got a wholesale account with them, I pay no shipping, and I got 10% off! WIN!!

    Now just have to wait until they come in, Im going to be running Bridgestone RE760's 245/40R18 front and 295/35R18 rear. Anyone had any experience with these tires?? Im really looking for a tire that I can rotate side to side.

    I cant wait to get these bad boys mounted up on the car to update this thread with pics!
  8. Got the wheels I ordered from MU today, and the fronts are Deep Dish too....Not a fan of all wheel dish. So I am going to try to get in contact with LMS to see if their 18x9 +24 are deep dish, if not, they will be on their way come Monday morning.

    Here's a few teaser pics until I get the fronts and put tires on them. The rears are damn near perfect!




    Different center caps are in the works too...

  9. Any comments? Suggestions? Do I fail?
  10. looks good man im not a fan of all deep dish neither car is gonna look good perfect wheels for the color
  11. i have a set of bullet wheels off a mach 1 stang...will they fit?
  12. No, sell them to me..
  13. Who wants updated pics??? I DO I DO!!

    LOL, Im trying to win over the "18's don't belong on foxes" club...tell your friends!



    Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Good..

    P.S. - Sorry for the iPhone pictures

    P.S.S. - I'm in love with my car, all over again..
  14. No one likes 18's??????

    Do I have to bribe people to post replies?

    Throw me a fricken bone here people!!
  15. I just got off the phone with Mustangs Unlimited and they said they didn't carry 18x10 +45mm offset Bullet Wheels. Did I talk to the wrong person or ???
  16. you have won me over, i love it ! looks great
  17. I love it...even with deep dish fronts

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  18. Love them