Fox Help finishing combo for 1992 GT


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Dec 31, 2019
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Hey there folks,

I've been a Fox owner since 1997 and decided to restore the old beast about a year ago. A lot of the heavy lifting work is done and we are nearing completion.

I got a Kenne Bell Flowzilla and have had some issues getting advice on how to round out the combo. I'm not looking to break any ET records, or leave a new GT500 in the dust. I'm just trying to build something in the 400hp range that is fun in the street. I'd rather not re-invent the wheel, just would rather go with a proven combo that is well understood. The specs are shown below.

Power Target – ~400hp
Transmission – manual Tremec TKO600
Rear end – Ford 8.8” 4.10 gears (will be changed to 3.73 if the 4.10s are too much, they are already in there)
Bottom end – stock block pushrod (circa 1992) 302 bored 0.30 over.
Pistons – Have to go with new pistons due to boring it out. Should I drop a little compression for the blower?
Power Adder – Kenne Bell Flowzilla with 8lb pulley
Lower intake – GT40
Cam – Need recommendation. This will be a street car that needs to pass emissions. Don’t need a custom grind, just whatever would work off the shelf
Heads – TFS Twisted Wedge
Fuel system – need recommendation for injectors/MAF Sensor/pump
EFI Management – can we get away with stock, or will I need aftermarket?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd even love a link to an article with a combo similar to this.

Below is a pic of it in the booth last September. It's back on the suspension now, but I don't have any photos yet. Color is Titanium Frost.


If you all are interested, I can post more pics or start a thread how how this project went.

I also emailed Comp Cams and CJPony with the same questions. I just wanted to cast a few lines out there and see what comes up.

Thanks in advance for any advice you all can give.

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I think they're a little easier to get off
May 15, 2018
Titanium frost, same color as mine! Very nice.
Is there a visual inspection? Would the blower be an issue with that?


Dec 5, 2019
Beautiful car! This thread sounds eerily similar to the direction I have been considering taking my car.

Did you get the KB from TPS Motorsports? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

With the instant boost that the KB produces, I think the 4.10 gears would be way too much. I think most KB guys have recommended to stay with the 3.08s.

The general consensus on the fuel system seems to be a 255 pump and 42# injectors at a minimum.

Generally, you don't want to bottleneck the inlet side of the blower. I've seen a number of 90mm MAF, Anderson Power Pipe, 90mm TB combos. The Lightning MAF seems to be popular based on price. I'm worried about the 90mm TB being too touchy on the street so I'm not sure which direction to go on that.