Help for the sake of my Saleen Mustang

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  1. I have a mustang v6 saleen sport , and would like to make it into a fast car at least a 12 second car.due to the fact its an original saleen I think it should also have the right to be a fast car like its older brothers.any ideas on were i should start? The cars in perfect condition equipped with full racecraft suspension straight from Saleen
  2. You will need a handheld tuner no matter what direction you decide to go with.
    Before getting into internals or blowers you need to have a free flowing true dual exhaust. A set of Ford Racing 3.73 gears (manual 5 speed) and a bearing kit installed. Find out which tuner your local Mustang dyno shop utilizes and discuss with them options for game planing a major HP increase build.
  3. Sorry These Are the exact specs as is;
    -17x8.5 inch saleen alloy wheels
    -high performance 235/45/17 z-Rated tires
    -RaceCraft Suspension struts and Shocks
    -Special Strut Mount Bushings
    -RaceCraft Strut Tower Brace
    -RaceCraft Front and Rear Sway bar
    -RaceCraft Front/Rear Coil Springs
    -Saleen/Hurst Quick Ratio Shifter
    -High performance Alignment And Tuned Chassis
    -8.8" inch Differental 3.27:1 Ratio

    Self installed/
    -i do have a free flowing true dual exhaust.^
    -stage 2 flow-masters
    -and a BBk Cold air intake