Roush Help - Fox Body Saleen 13" Brake Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jrnstang, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. George is the man....his engine blinds me in the sunlight...and it leaves me in the dust :)
  2. Sounds like some serious Kissup going on around here LOL! But I like it! :)
  3. If I can find them in the dungeon this weekend I'll send them to him.
  4. Woohoo b/c I would like to get rid of the puny factory brakes :)
  5. I found cruise control buttons, and you already said your giving me the brackets for it you made and your maf to help with the conversion. I have to kiss up to you or i'll lose "my hook up". Plus I dont want to discourage all the free work your doing on my car since I let you get those stripes...which i need badly lol
  6. Oh this is really getting deep!! :) I need to open a shop!
  7. I really don't have a need for the set I have. If interested in them PM me.

  8. Set of what?
  9. The fox brackets I said I had for Alcons that started all this talk.
  10. I'd like to see pictures of them if you can send some.
  11. I dug them out this weekend, and took a few shots of them.



  12. Do you want to sell them?
  13. I could make those without a problem. All I need is one to get all the dimensions from.
  14. does this give the ability to put a 94-04 brembo ect, on a fox spindle? Or is this for a specific alcon to go on a fox spindle?
  15. They are for Alcon Type B calipers to supposedly Fox body. I do not know for sure, as I do not have a fox, but according to Joe at Chicane looking at photos of them, he says that is what they are for.

  16. They are foxbody specific and work with specific alcons for the foxbody. The Brembos and later alcons are different as I understand it.
  17. ...but I'm sure that we only need to locate one bracket for each and George could replicate any of them!!! We want George, We want George!!! George for president!!:D
  18. I'll machine whatever you need and as "President" I want more Beer !!! hahahaha....
  19. we need a bracket like that to stick 99-04 gt and cobra calipers on our cars without doing spindle swaps :)
  20. there are quite a few "B" type alcon's on ebay right now for 650-800 bucks with pads. Im assuming the bracket, brake lines, and rotors is all one would need to put those brakes on a fox without a spindle swap?