Roush Help - Fox Body Saleen 13" Brake Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jrnstang, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. The issue would be the rotors available for the foxbody without a spindle swap is limited to 12".
  2. well, 11.5 inch 99-04 2 piston PBR calipers (stock v6/gt) would be one heck of an upgrade, and it'd be dirt cheap
  3. Also

    Remember that you need a min. of a 17" wheel for the Alcons ( not all 17" wheels will work ) or you have to buy 18's.
  4. The wheel size needed is dependant on the rotor size (the larger the rotor, the farther out the caliper needs to be) and the hat offset (the less offset the hat has, the more postive offset the wheel needs).
  5. If anyones interested, I just stuffed some 14" GT500 Brakes on my 01 using an adapter bracket. The thread is in this forum, just down a bit. Needless to say, the car stops on a dime(much better then the smaller Saleen brembos).
  6. Man I wish they would work with 17" wheels but I'm not going to 18" wheels on my Saleen. I will stay with the Saleen/Brembos and 17" STERNS. But I can only imagine the stopping ability. WOW!
  7. Ahh, I think my stock SSC brakes stop just fine for going to shows and cruises. That's all I ever do with it anyway. LOL