HELP HELP wires r driving me nuts

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  1. ok here's my problem

    i have a 87 t/c donar car i pulled the ECM and its harness, thought that would be simple to put in the 89 2.3 n/a car
    So far i noticed the coil plug is on the 89 harness but not on the t/c harness.
    And on the t/c ECM harness it does not have the ECC plug for the scanner to pull codes.. What do i do about this problem? :(
    any help would be so much apprecated

    thx steve
  2. help stinger :)
    would it be easier to follow your info on the 87 to 90 wiring info page?
    Just use the lx harness and the 87 t/c LA2? what about the BAP sensor
    will i need that in the 89 lx?

    thx steve
  3. I'm not Stinger so pardon my intrusion.

    All you need from the TC is the VAM wires. The few wires that go to the Vane Air Meter. That's it.

    You don't need the BAP, you've got a MAP - same thing.

    Yes, you use the swap info for the '87-90 LX.

    Now just to mention, not to take away from Stinger's page ( I don't think he'd mind me telling you I did the basic write up for him on the '87-90's), but there's a lot of swap pages out there and some might help one person while another page helps another better. I've got a swap page, it's different than Stinger's, you've looked at his, give mine a look, maybe it will answer some more questions you have.

    GT350r and Crovax, etc also have swap pages. You can find them in the members sticky thread and go to their websites.
  4. As carrot top already mentioned, you were just making it too difficult...just do it the way that you KNOW works (the way on all the pages) and throw that TC harness in the trash.

  5. :D
  6. Sorry to butt into this thread but I was looking at both web sites and they state to unhook the MAP on an 89 car. Why is this? Is there a performance gain? Just wondering why this should be disconnected. The sites don't explain why.


  7. because stock the MAP sensor is measuring the Atmosphere of the Intake system on an n/a car - which is a closed system, when you remove the vacuum line from it, it is measuring the atmosphere that the car is driving around in - and that's what the turbo computer requires, which is what the BAP sensor on the turbo cars do. They are the same thing w/ different names for different applications.

    I'll make this part up some:
    BAP means Barometric Air Pressure Sensor
    MAP means Metered Air Pressure Sensor
    (they mean something like that, but I forget).

    -hope that helps.
  8. Because turbo cars run a BAP (barometric pressure) rather than a map (manifold pressure). Disconnect the vacuum line and bingo, instant bap.

  9. oh yeah, and it (the computer) takes this measurement from the BAP (or former Map) to calculate the fuel curves. The measurement received allows for the computer to make the fuel curves as aggressive as possible (within stock parameters) with instant info from the Bap/Map.
  10. But what if I am running a speed density turbo system?
  11. If speed density then it has to be a MAP...not a bap. It really needs to be a 2 or 3 bar MAP to work perfectly (without the help of an FMU).

  12. i was being a generalized "turbo cars" into one group ;)
  13. Well now if somebody searches we've covered all the bases :)