Roush Help, How to find SALEEN production # Info.

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  1. This kid I know, I won't say any names has a 2001 Saleen S281 convertible white with black leather. The car is #898. He wont pop the hood on the car and he claims it is supercharged. I am trying to find out if he is bluffing. Anyone have any ideas on where to find out the truth? Here are some more details.
    2001 Saleen s281 convertible, White, black leather(not recaro) styling bar.
    white wheels
    Somebody else told me that the low number saleens are supercharged and the higher # saleens are not supercharged. Can anyone tell me what the think or know? I want to see if he is bluffing.
  2. 01-898 left Saleen with Mats, Chrome Wheels, Sportbar, & Black convertible top. No Supercharger FROM THE FACTORY - not to say one hasn't been added in the 4-1/2 years since it was built though. ;)
  3. How do you find out this information??:hail2:
  4. thats kind of strange that he won't pop the hood, did he say why? sounds like bs. if you dont hear it whistle when its sitting still running, and u dont hear it whine when hes giving it gas; then i think its a safe bet hes full of ****.

  5. Sorry for bumping a VERY old thread... but I was just googling some research on this car (01-898) when I found this thread.

    The car that was asked about was recently at a dealer auction in Houston, TX. It no longer has white wheels, but some chrome knock-offs and looks to have been a severe accident at some point as there is some structual damage and obvious paint and body work on the entire car... and NO it doesn't have a S/C :)

    I like keeping up with the history of these cars, and in case anyone else does, I'm passing it along.
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