Help! How to get lifter to stop ticking?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 68stang351, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. How would you get a lifter to stop ticking? I think that's what is ticking in my car. What can I do? The car still runs really good, it just ticks pretty loud.
  2. what are the specs of the motor?? You might just need to set the valve lash again.

    [edit]haha...just kidding. I didnt read your sig. If its a fresh motor, I would suspect bad valve lash. What kind of cam are you running? Hydraulic? Roller?
  3. stop ford hydraulic lifters ticking?? what drugs are you on? actually i havent been able to stop them from ticking for something like 25 years.
  4. Stock hydraulic flat tappet cam.

    The motor is 15 months old, and was a daily driver for 4 of those, and has never ticked until about 2 weeks ago. I've never heard of anyone thinking all ford small block hydraulic lifters tick. In fact, I think mine is the first smf that I've heard lifters tick in.
  5. well, my buddies new 351 had a definate noise... it was more of a clatter and it was loud. A little tick is normal but if it just started and its pretty loud, I would look into the valve lash. Its a simple check so you might as well start there.

    Since its hydraulic, its 0 lash. Turn the motor over until the intake vlave has opened, closed, then the exhaust has opened and closed. Once the have both fully opened and closed, turn the motor 1/4 turn to ensure you are on teh backside of the cam lobes. The pushrod should not be able to move up and down (lash) yet should be lose enough to spin. Check it out, its worth a shot
  6. Uhhh... It could just be a bad lifter... It happens.
  7. Are you sure it is not an exhaust leak?