Help!!! I Need To Know This Color!!!!!

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What color is it???

  1. Teal

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  2. Bimini Blue

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  1. my car almost always looks green.
  2. Any body shop owner has the Dupont or PPG books from any year to make paint codes and they are amazing with the amount of mixing and blending they can do to make what you want. My personal opinion is that it is teal. Especially looking at the example from Madspeed. Pictures can make your mind play tricks on you
  3. I had failed to realize that your car had a color. :chin

    I was too busy looking at the wheels and engine bay. :shrug:

  4. This was posted up on facebook by the owner of the car. Same car, different day. Reef Blue all day
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  5. They should have a "SALE" that color: TWO for ONE! or BUY ONE get ONE FREE! :banana: