Fox Help!!!! I Sit Taller In My Car Now That I Replaced My Interior!!!

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  1. I just replaced seat foam and upholstery from TMI. It seems I sit higher now is this a common problem? I have an 89 GT Convertible . When I sit up my eyes are parallel with the top of the wind sheild. I am a 5'10 190 male. Did I do something wrong?
  2. New foam is thicker than the 20+ year old junk that was in your car before
  3. Damn I guess I gotta gangsta lean it!!!:)
  4. Someone out there makes drop brackets
  5. Just had the same problem when we changed the foam in the seat of the Cobra. We ended up consulting an interior shop, and they told us some disheartening news. The TMI stuff is pretty low grade, and they don't use it. They took the seat back apart and trimmed a lot of the foam off, and it was better, but not great. They said the only way to really fix it is to replace the TMI foam with higher grade stuff.

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  6. As in too dense???
  7. Something along those lines. It's too dense, and it's not cut well, so it sits too high. I'm not sure how it is on a Foxbody, but on an SN, the leather is glued to the foam. The TMI stuff is only set up for hog ties, which don't work, because there is no where to hog tie on the leather. Is your stuff hog tied down?

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  8. Yeah, I drove newbies car... Real annoying... I would be replacing it with something else. Felt like I was driving a 4x4 I was sitting do high.. Lol
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  9. Woah...... That's some pretty heavy stuff I KNOW TMI will not want to hear.... I wait for the beatings :pop:
  10. Im really upset because I was going to just order the . Instead I replaced all the upholstery and foam . I had a heck of a time getting the upholstery on and when I did the stupid cheap plastic zippers broke. I took it to the local upholstery shop and he gave me a look like this stuff is junk. He actually put his own zippers on. Not even trying to use the zipper on the Passenger seat. I'm just pissed cuz I cant see out of the car correctly now:(
  11. Drop brackets? I don't get it? There is no room.
  12. If I can make a suggestion. Why not contact TMI about this issue before coming here?
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  13. So your seat is on the floorboard?
  14. @TMIproducts Hey I'm on the market for seats etc and I stumbled upon this thread. I'm just curious if you have any good news for us?
  15. Does anyone know where else one can acquire foam?
  16. Does this mean no news is good news?

  17. Newbs - LMR sells both our upholstery and our direct competitors (cheaper) upholstery. Can you confirm 100% that the upholstery you received came in box with a large red, TMI logo on both sides? Our upholstery will also have a TMI tag on the inside of all of the upholstery pieces.

    Lets start there- check it out and let me know.

  18. Exact same problem looking for any solutions. It doesn't compress much so you sit higher.