Help Identify Aftermarket Steering Wheel

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  1. Just a quicky. . .can anyone here identify this steering wheel? And also, how do I get a horn button in it? Thanks!

    IMG00204-20140817-1714.jpg IMG00205-20140817-1714.jpg
  2. The wheel is a Dino wheel ,the only thing i can find on them is 911 Porche but i think it is aftermarket .
  3. Ha! I thought it said "Demo". . . so "Dino" wheels do exist, seems a boat part mostly. . .though I have seen some used ones for foreign sports cars. . .appreciate the identification guys!

    So the nextr question is, how do I get a horn button in it? Are they wheel specific or just a drop in generic item?

  4. You may try one for a Grant wheel ,could fit?
  5. Sorry for the late response. . .what would I look for in a horn button to make sure it fits? Are they universal? Dimensions? Does it fit in the hole in the center or fasten on top?

  6. here is the grant kit that was mentioned. it bolts to the 3 bolts on your hub but you have an extension so you would have to drill your wheel and hub then tap your hub to use it.

    just buy one for your wheel. just measure the id. they are a simple, complete, cheesy, push in assembly. you could have a ferrari a porsche or even a honda civic button if you want.
  7. Groovy. I need to take it apart to verify, but I have 2 wires already in there that activate the horn if they touch. . .so maybe the contact ring is in there already under the adapter? I will check. . .but the horn buttons look easy enough to just pop in? I was expecting something more difficult. . .thanks for the help all!