Help Identify Part

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  1. 9112B1FE-B88F-4508-9991-E6C1F70F1AA6.jpeg 5F69AA33-764B-4025-8EC7-94B3CB86B89F.jpeg 1978 Cobra, 302 Auto. Took out the HVAC System from under the dash to replace heater core. I noticed this other silver bigger heater core looking piece that hooks up to the AC lines in the engine bay on the firewall. What is it? On the outside of the area it sits in, there is a hole. Then it has a burned part at the inside bottom of the part itself.
  2. Thank you very much for the information. Once you replied I started looking for one with no luck yet. Where can we buy them?

  3. That's a better question for @74stang2togo
  4. I checked with The Compressor Warehouse (an A/C and heating parts wholesaler that can get damned near anything), and while they have new compressors, expansion valves, and condensors for IIs, they have no hoses or evaporators.

    You could try taking the evaporator to a radiator shop so they could pressure test it and possibly repair it for you, or Phil's Mustang II Specialty shop may have a good used one.
  5. Got it, thank you much for your help.