help identifying these BBK longtubes

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  1. Disclaimer: I'm very sorry this is so long but its hard to explain.

    Well, i'm kindof worried. My brother traded a couple rims for this set of bbk long tubes. We thought they were for a fox 5.0. So anyways i bought them off of him and they're sitting in my room. Well i was looking through summit, and i looked at the bbk longtubes, and the piction of part bbk-1516, and i'm worried because...mine dont look like that!! If you have a copy of summit or can bring up a pic on their website, see how in the picture of part number bbk--1516 the tubes that go to cylinder 3 and 4 are further away from the block than the tubes that go to 1 and 2? Well on mine its the other way around. Where 1 and 2 come out around 3 and 4. Also see the angle made by the tubes as they come down then go back? See how its like what a 100 degree angle? Well, mine are a lil more stretched out looking, almost like the hooker longtubes. The guy my brother got these headers from is a fellow mustang fanatic and he's owned a lot, so its quite possible these are meant for a 94-95 (maybe even 96+ but i'm almost positive he said they're for a 5.0). I would ask him directly but he works a wierd schedule and i cant find him and dont have a number. I wish i had a pic but i dont, can anyone identify these headers from what i described? Also, close to where they would bolt onto the hpipe there is an 02 sensor on each one. THANKS!
    p.s. i dont have any other mustangs around that i can compare to, but if you guys post some pics i might be able to match them up. In the mean time i'm gonna keep searching the net for a matching pic.
  2. by the way, the headers look old. Is it possible they restyled them in recent years which is why these look different? also the only casting or lableing i can find is the bbk plate.
  3. ttt
    i just went and looked at the headers....i feel like an idiot. Ok, one of the headers indeed looks like the picture for bbk-1516 in summit. This is the driver side header. The other header (which i described in my first post) is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT looking. WHAT??? I didn't look at them before i bought them and when i carried them in the house from the garage where my brother had them i didn't look at them really...i feel like an idiot. AREN'T THEY SUPPOSED TO MATCH??? are they not supposed to match? If anyone can help please do, i feel so dumb right now. The guy my brother got them from gave him one one day, then had to fetch the other from a friend's place or something a different day, maybe there was a mixup? My brother just put the one in the garage, then added the other without paying attention if it matched i guess since he wrecked the car he would use them for. ugh...i'm confused.
  4. no they dont match the tubes on the pass side are arranged dif to clear the starter. i have done the install twice on my old 87 lx and my new 88gt but they did make 5.0's till 95 so he might be right about them being for a 5.0. Just not a fox and if so they wont fit.
  5. cool, thanks. Can you describe what the pass side header shoud look like? anybody have a pic? Thats wierd because the one they show in the magazine is the passenger side header, and it looks just like the driver side header i have.