Help Identifying Tubular K Member

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  1. I want to put springs back on my car but (I have coil overs) i don't know what brand I have and I need to know so I can buy the spring perches. Does this look familiar to anyone or does anyone know what it is? I bought the car with it already in it and contacting PO is a no go. It's on a 90 coupe btw

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  2. I would assume that you can use any spring perch for a tubular k member. Worst case scenario, you might have to do a little massaging to make it it. On the other hand, the control arms look like they don't have the spring pockets. Maybe try some 95 SN control arms and spindles for a 5 lug swap.
  3. Found it,Its a pa racing kmember. I guess they are specific brand perches, they only list them available with complete kmember kits. Hopefully I can get a set :)
  4. Using spring perches with tubular k members can be a PITA.
    If the height isn't perfect there is no way to adjust it other than cutting the springs, which i can tell you from experience is no exact science either.

    Why switch back at this point?
  5. Car was set up for drag racing, I want to put it back to a nice riding car. Im also into autocross and with my coil overs im limited to a 8" wheel
  6. Coil overs can ride pretty good with the right spring.

    With my MM coilovers i run an 8.5 wheel, coil overs or not you aren't going much wider than that on a fox anyway.

    I'm not one of those guys that pushes coil overs, if you don't need them, i wouldn't suggest them, i just know aftermarket k members with perches suck, and since you plan on autocrossing, i'm going to guess ride height is important to you.
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  7. Yea I havnt done alot of research On it. This is my first car with tubular k member.i have stock pony wheels on right now and have about half inch between tire and coilover, so I dont have much of a choice for wheels. Ill have to do some research on the springs with perches, id just like to do a little more with the car than to go in a straight line
  8. I run koni adjustables on MM coil overs with i think a 275 12 inch spring.
    On the soft setting it rides pretty good and on a stiffer setting it handles above average.

    I agree with you on the straight line thing, it gets boring quick on a street car.

    Unfortunately there are only a few tubular k members meant for handling. MM, griggs, kenny brown are a few, not sure if there are any others. The rest of them weaken the front end in an attempt to cut weight.