Help In Buying A 1970 Mustang

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  1. Hello, i need some, i found 1970 mustang on craiglist and i really liked it the thing is that he wants at least $8000 for it. Is that a good price or is that too much?
    Would u buy it ?
    Here is the link
    He sent me pictures of the interior and on a scale from 1 to 10, i would give it a 4
    I really want the car

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  2. For the condition, it seems a bit much to me. How far away is the car? If possible, it's always a good idea to take a neutral minded knowledgeable person along to help spot the flaws that you, being blinded by lust, will miss. The dash looks cracked on top, the engine is not detailed at all. Drum brakes etc.,...
  3. Drum brakes, 8 inch rear end, needs interior engine compartment needs some love Offer $5500 and walk away. Leave him your card or number and ask him to get back with you when he is ready to sell.

    Be patient, he will see he is unreasonable at his asking price he will probably sell for $6000.
    It should be a Texas rust free car and definitely worth it as a running driving classic at that price.
    Good luck!

    I want to put a spoiler like that on the front of my car.