HELP ! Installed lentech vb and now automatic shifting is screwed!!


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I have the street terminator stage 2 valve body installed in my car.
When I put the car in OD and press the gas pedal, it seems like the transmission is shifting 1-2 at 1700rpms and 2-3 at 2000. 1-2 shift feels like I go over a bump on the road...

If I go WOT, it seems like the trans is slipping but in fact I think it is because it's shifting too early and very quickly. I cannot get the transmission to shift 1-2 passed 3000rpms and then 2-3 passed 3500.

1-2 shift is so soft I cannot even tell it is shifting but the 2-3 shift could snap your neck. Same thing when downshifting

Also, it does not shift very hard when manually shifted.

My questions : Fluid level seems a little high, could this cause a problem ? I added 5 liters after the swap...

Do I need to take it to a transmission shop so they can adjust the TV cable ? It was shifting perfectly before the valve body swap...

Please help. Don't want to break anything...
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May 13, 2000
Charles Town, WV
Sounds to me like your TV cable needs to be adjusted. A Haynes or Chilton manual has instructions for adjustment. It's not hard to do just difficult to explain. I woldn't drive it until you get it adjusted or you run the risk of damage.


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Jun 26, 2002
Clarksville Tennessee
Lentech Street Term trans are not intended to have the TV cable adjusted any where near like the stock AOD. If there vave body is adjusted the same as there Street Term trans, when you are at WOT the TV valve lever on the trans is supposed to be just short of being at the max position. This is not recomended on a factor trans. The reason it is shifting so much harder into 3rd, is the converter goes into lockup for 3rd and OD, while 1st to 2nd the converter is not locked up. Mine is adjusted this way, and it shifts GREAT! WOT shifts are at 6,000 rpm. Mine is a non lockup version, but is shifts solid.