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  1. yes it should work fine... you might need to do a little fabrication, but should be a relatively easy job (never installed one on a mass air car, but since its made to fit a sensor for a 5.0 anyway it should be easy, as long as the sensors are the same size if not youll need some new rubber connectors, maybe 3 bucks each at lowes). you can also make one out of PVC pipe and get a cone filter for the end of it that would be about the same performance wise. this is not a ram air setup like the ad claims, its a fenderwell cold air intake. but 70 bucks isnt too bad, if you got the money to spend since you get the pipes and a filter. just FYI if you make one out of PVC it would probably only cost you like 20.
  2. isnt their 3 sensors i have to take of and put on the new one ?... ill have to bolt on i think its 3 am i right we were doin it last night ...
  3. There is a big mass airflow meter that bolts to the side of the airbox, a small air charge temp sensor that plugs into the airbox, and a few vacuum lines that can just be plugged...
  4. thank you for helpin me out
  5. 5.0 Cold Air Intake

    I thought that the cold air intake from a 5.0 wouldn't fit a 4 cyl?????

  6. If you want my opinion, your money would be better spent buying a ported upper and lower intake from:
  7. ???

    My neighbor has an intake though that he will give me for a 5.0, will it fit the 2.3?? I don't have to buy it, I just want to know if it will fit, before I get it from him.

  8. hey

    Well i have a 93 with mass air like the 5.0 did so i tried, it is just a tube like every other intake yea it would work if i didnt mess up the mass air tube.

    Mike.. Thank you for the link.
  9. Yes you can make it fit custom if you tried. It all depends how you do it and if you do it right. If your going to do it you have to use the mass air filter on it the tube and everything. I do not see why it would not work.

    Jmans Web site has alot about all the intake stuff.
  10. Sure thing.
    If your just going for looks, disregard the following:

    That cold air intake will probably give you .05 hp. You Still would have the mass air as a restriction.
    You stand to gain about 10-15 hp from the upper and lower intake however.

    If you need a turbo and exhaust manifold, let me know. I know where to find them.

  11. ?

    Yes i would like to check out the site. As for the looks and everything, i not only want it to look good but i want it to be fast to. I dont know thats just how i am. And i got a question for you i have seen your videos you have the turbo i beleive is it cheaper to make the turbo faster then the 5.0?. Or is the 5.0 faster if you only do a couple of mods to it. And can you make the 2.3 turbo faster then the 5.0 can be because i dont know what engine i would rather have because i dont know nothing about the turbo.
  12. Well, put it this way.

    I have a beautiful 1990 5.0 Supercharged LX mustang that runs 11.90's, which I have put over 20 Thousand dollars into.

    Then, I have a Junkyard built, project car that I have put about 2500 dollars into that runs Low 12.s with mostly stock parts. (read the first page of my site).

    Do you want to look good? or do you wana haul butt?

  13. Mike why can you not have both....

    My friend also has a 5.0 that has 500 some hp no supercharger and it looks good?

  14. MONEY.
  15. Yea but also theirs time and and im willing to wait lol. Alot of people cant do that and i was one of them before but i can wait.

    What mods you have done to your car? 4cyl
  16. Sorry checkin the site now
  17. There you go. :nice:

    If you need, I can make a small list of everything you need and where to get it.

    Depending on what you want to do, either put new forged low compression pistons in your already running motor and then boost it like a 5.0 would using an FMU


    Buy a complete turbo motor, computer, wiring harness, VAM meter
    and go from there.
  18. I would definatly like that if you could make that list for me. It would help me out alot.

    Thank you ...