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  1. This list is going off of the idea that you want to keep your block and add turbo components to it:

    Pistons: Diamond Racing Pistons.
    Call them and the guy will tell you exactly what pistons you need. Tell him your boosting it and how much HP you are trying to get. Eg. 200-400 RWHP
    He can also tell you what Rings and Bearings to get.

    Exhaust manifold: I have one for sale if you need, but you can also get a high performance "Log" or a custom "Tubular" header.
    For the Log header design:

    For the Tube header: Email [email protected] and He'll supply pics and everything.

    Turbo: Ebay ~50 bucks to 150 bucks

    Vortech Super FMU: Ebay

    Head gasket: Felpro 1035

    Exhaust gasket: NitroSeal
  2. Thank you i appreciate it your telling me i can get a turbo for a 150 bucs. I thought you had to swap engines or can u just buy the turbo and put it on and upgrade?
  3. You can put it on your motor, but you're going to have to upgrade your pistons and have it bored fresh.
    You'll be limited in HP due to your small injectors, but that could be compensated for with a chip + larger injectors.

    You'll need the FMU still.
  4. Thanks see like i never knew this stuff before lol.. im learning i didnt know u could do any of this to my engine.
  5. Not many people do.

    We pretty much are here to bring this "easy" technology into the mainstream.
    A few years ago, hardly anybody knew about or produced products for the turbo 2.3.
    Now the market is exploding.
  6. I've followed Mike's project its pretty cool and some of that 2500.00 was on stuff like a 93' dash and some pony wheels to look better. I would say he proubly did it closer to 2000.00 :)

    You can't beat that plus it may get better mpg more than a 5.0 'stang :nice:

    Thanks for the heads up on the site also Mike svor