Help...Looking for pics of 87-93 stangs with the "Z3" style FG fender.

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  1. Hey guys. Been a while since I posted here. I'm closing in on getting my car painted, but I need a few more pieces. My hatch, as always happens, is rotted out and is going to get replaced with a Cervini's fiberglass piece. My front fenders are also rusting, and one is half body filler from an accident before I owned the car. These fenders are getting replaced before I do the final paint work. I've looked into stock replacements, but I found these fiberglass "Z-3" style fenders from a few vendors. The pics they have are only of the fender, not one on a car. I want to see how they look on a stang, how they flow with the body. I have a Stalker front clip and Cobra R hood, so I'm interested to see if these modded fenders would look good on the car. The idea of saving weight with F/G fenders is nice too, as I'm already front heavy and when I'm autocrossing I tend to rub the tires in the fenders. If anyone has pics of these, or other customized fenders, post them up! Thanks.:nice:

    PS- I don't need any bashing from guys who don't like these fenders, I'm just checking out my options.
  2. Might not be a good idea to run fiberglass fenders if you plan on Auto-Xing. The fenders on the uni-body Mustang do play a roll in strenghtening the front end slightly.
  3. I'm eventually planning on a cage, and a MM strut tower brace to complement my subframes. My fenders are so warped from the accident I don't think they're doing much anyway. With the cage and STB, the car won't flex. Besides, the fenders are only mounted to my urethane front bumper, so there's nothing for it to leverage on anyway.
  4. I thought they mounted along the firewall sides as well.......
  5. They bolt to the firewall/door area, along the engine bay, and to the front bumper, but I doubt they add much structural integrity, seeing as they're thin. The unibody supports its self, I can't see much stress being put on the fenders. Once I throw a Maximum Motorsports STB under there, there won't be a single thing moving anyway... If noone can find a pic, can someone with skills do a photochop?
  6. Post a link for the fender pics? I love the wide-fender look, and have only seen it a few times on foxes.
  7. I met this guy that had them on his Mustang he drifted with. The alignment he said was a tad off and he had to do some fabricting as well. They looked pretty good from a distance.
  8. Time to bring this thread back from the dead. Yeah, From looking at them, it seems that a little fabrication would be needed to mount them, they don't come pre-drilled, but that might not be a bad thing. My front end is a little tweaked anyway, so that would allow me to line up all the body panels as nicely as I could, and then bolt it all up solid. I'm still trying to find some pics of them on a real car, all I can find are 94+ stangs with them, and they look good. I want to see how they look on our body style. I think with my stalker front and all the other parts on the car, they'd look good, but I want to make sure before I blow 200.00.
  9. There is a company that makes fiberglass flared fenders for foxes as well, they are either 1.5" or 3" flares. Im trying to find the link i thought i had it saved somewhre but they were designed with autocross in mind so you can get more rubber to the pavement...
  10. crap i cant find the link but im sure someone on here will have it, definatly worth looking into :nice:
  11. Let us know how the fiberglass hatch works out, I was trying to find anyone who was running one but couldnt.
  12. I garauntee at the fenders are going to fit at look like crap. Get some stock metal fenders, they will look way cleaner. Fiberglass fenders usually look like they have been made out of clay. all the edges are really rounded and the body lines are crap. Plus, I think z3 crap looks like junk, what would you be cooling thats an inch in front of the door?
  13. +1,000,000 don't beg not to be flamed, when you want to do somthing stupid

    :flame: :puke: :uzi: :fuss: --ricer z3 fenders
  14. fiberglass fender flares

    maier racing enterprises sells the 1.5" and 3.0" fiberglass fenders. There is even a pic of a black lx running the 3.0" flares with 18x12 all around. Freakin' nice. :hail2:

  15. yeah, they look badazz....I got a pic some where...the guys name is Darius rudis I think