Help, looking for this hood can't find it.

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I am trying to track down the hood that is on Nadia Euliss's 2003 Mustang GT found in the article "Smokin' Hot, 30 stangs and the Women who love them" pg. 68. of
    Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, June 2005 Vol 18, issue 6

    I want to keep a factory GT hood look but need room under it to fit the Kenne Bell 2.2L blower for the GT.

    I have been looking for over 6 months for such a hood and saw this one in the article.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sorry, I don't have that issue. Could you scan on a picture of the hood?
  3. I knew I forgot something. Here is the scanned page from the article.

    It's the Blue car at the bottom of the page.

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  4. Hmm... I'll look into it. It looks familiar. It also looks like they incorperated the hood scoop. Send me a PM to remind me to look for it or I'll forget. I can't do it now because I have to go to bed early because I'm going to install a hot water heater tomorow. Fun.
  5. Thanks for the link but it's not the same hood. That's the SVO hood you sent the lilnk for . Take a look at the lines on the hood in the picture they don't get narrow at the nose like the SVO hood does.

    The quest continues.
  6. I tried searching online and no luck. I was going throught my August edition of muscle mustangs and fast fords looking for an ad and I think I found your hood. It's on page 219. I think it's the 97-03 F150 2.5" Cowl SVO for $279.95. There website is Good Luck.
  7. Zincyellow03,

    Thanks for the feedback. I picked up the Auguest MMFF and looked at pg. 219. That's the SVO R hood. It's not the hood I am looking for. Take a look at the pictures I posted the lines on the hood start out at the hood scoop and then continue to the nose. They don't come into a narrower point like the SVO R hood.
  8. Maybe it's a custom job? Maybe it's just an SVO R hood with a gt scoop putted on it? Try contacting the magazine, and ask them to ask her what kind of hood it was? I don't know. I'm running out of ideas.
  9. :stupid:

    looks like a SVO with a GT scoop pasted on.

    edit - found this while i browsing another forum here, maybe its this hood with a GT scoop pasted on top.
  10. Thanks Zinc,

    I do appreciate it. Ya it's definetly not the SVO hood it's either custom or being kept a secret.

    I sent 3 emails to the MMFF crew and got 0 response from those clowns. Really pissed me off. I have the girls name from the article and she lives in NC. I did a Verizon look up and found 3 in NC with her name. I am thinking about calling all 3 direct to see if I can track her down. Was hoping I didn't have to do that as I don't really want to bother her.

    But, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do....... I think I am running out of options.

  11. Try calling them. Hey, who knows what might happen, she could be single. You could get a nice hood and I nice chick. Good Luck, keep us posted.
  12. i think its the 95 cobra r hood with a gt scoop on top, probably custom
  13. No -- take a closer look. The hood he's looking for is defintely not a cobra R hood.
    Although it IS a cowl hood, it also has the indented "air-path" to the scoop like a stock 01-04 GT hood.
  14. i have that mag and was also wondering where she got that hood, i never seen it around and i know most of the hood sites :shrug:
  15. ABC exclusives has two that look like it:

    Cobra SVO 900 and the Black Widow 900

    Check out in the hood section.

    They both look close.
  16. I can tell you where I got my hood, but it will cost ya. lol J/K

  17. That hood looks like the SVO 900 hood available from ABC Exclusive, but with a GT scoop stuck on top of it (Eww!).

    Minus the extra hood scoop mod, it's a really nice hood. I have it on my car.

    I'm about to cut out my hood scoop. I just need to find someplace that sells a mesh insert for it. I'm not really keen on fabricating one myself.

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