Help - losing my religion

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  1. Last night I was at the local 7-11 thumbing through the 5.0&SF and MM&FF mags just so I knew I wasn't wasting my money if I bought them, and it hit me. For the first time in a long time, I did not feel the need to buy a magazine at all. I put the magazines back on the shelf and left, something I seldom do. Got home and checked the inbox for any mail..I'm expecting two answers from sellers in the States that I have paid big money ($300 via money order to a man in Tennessee for a Mexican block and $850 via Paypal to a man in Florida for some Twisted Wedgies). Of course, nothing..the person who owes me the heads has just registered a negative on eBay for another Mustang part, and the person who owes me the block has fallen off the face of the earth...same as it's been for a week or two now. I'm now at the point where I don't even want the parts, and I don't know what to do with the money if I get it back. I think these two people have single handedly killed not only my love for my Mustangs, but also my love for cars. Last week I was just going to ditch my 5.0 for a Skyline, but now I don't even want the Skyline, either. Has anyone ever gone through a phase like this? What did you do? I'm losing the car religion... :eek:
  2. Yes. Been there. Depression made me loose intrest in everything. Med helped get me ack to normal.
  3. Everyone has their days or weeks, but if you make too rash of a decsion you will probably regret it. Go watch some good mustang vids and check out some pics and it should help get that feeling back :nice:
  4. I went through the same thing.....

    - Bought TFS everything for my car.
    - Took engine apart.
    - Stripped car, took it to reputable painter
    - 6 months later i get it back with a ****ty paint job, and the guy goes bankrupt
    - wife decided not to pay all the bills for 3 months including the mortgage. (now she is the ex wife)
    - Had to sell everything besides the car & block
    - got out of the military with 7 grand in severance pay
    - got decent job
    - got 6 grand taken back that the air force overpaid me
    - took block to reputable machine shop
    - found out later they werent so reputable
    - tried to save $$$ to get new parts
    - took block to different machine shop
    - found that the original machine shop had ground too much off my crank, and underbored the cylinders by 4 thousandths
    - paid for new crank, rods, and machine work.
    - bought TFS TH heads, Air gap intake, carb, and other goodies

    3 years later my car is almost done. I know your pain. Trust me
  5. :banana: What if all these fantasies come... flailing around and now I've said too much :banana:

    I'm in the same boat- too much to fix and why bother? I've spent $4,000 this year on this car and I haven't touched the motor/tranny/paint. I am about to give up and put the car in storage or sell it and buy a nicer 5.0 or a terminator... I dunno :nonono:
  6. the way i figure is, its taken me since the 10th grade in high school to get my car the way it is now, and im not even done, ive gone through everything from having my hood fly open to just not wanting to drive it, to having it gone for 3 months for paint, and this past winter just not wanting to do anything with it, but i just put it back on the road today and man am i glad i still have it. im not nearly done yet, ive had 13,000$ into this thing, and im still not done, but by the time i am done i will have put from 21K into the car, and that is a lot cheaper than buying a newer car, and its more fun...thats just me tho
  7. If you don't need the money for another vehicle, just put the car up and come back later.
  8. Hey, what is the ebay handle of the person you bought the heads from? I got ripped on a transmission from someone in Florida, and I know another guy in Florida who got ripped off by the same guy. We got the goods on him and treatened police involvement if he didn't pay us back and we have received most of the money back.
  9. been there man , you'll get through it . I had the same feelings about a year ago , sold my stang , bought a nice truck and thought I was done with them forever.........just bought another 5.0.....its a sickness!
  10. Same here... I sold the vert bought a 66 traded out the 66 for a jeep xj and ended up trading the jeep for another stang. You may get out of stangs for a minute but youll find your way back.
  11. We've all been there. No one likes their car when there is bumps in the road. Sometimes it's best to let them go, but imagine how good you will feel when you finally finish it up and take it out on that first cruise. The first "hey nice car" or thumbs-up you get, you will know it was all worth it, you will just appreciate it even more. Sunny days wouldn't be so special if it wasn't for the sh.itty ones.
  12. I learned the hard way with Ebay as well, so I quit that a few years ago. And I always do the work on my car myself, I've had enough experience with mechanics to know I know their stuff better than they do 99.9% of the time. The only thing they got I dont is better tools.
  13. :banana: Thats me in the corner....Thats me in the SPOT-LIGHT, Losing my religon.... :banana:
  14. I wouldnt be so depressed if I could do the work myself. I can buy the parts no problemo but I dont have the tools nor the strength to do it myself. There is ALOT wrong with my car and I'm not a mechanic.