HELP ~ Lost keys, can't remove ignition!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93ragtop5L, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. This week sucked!
    Last Sunday I lost the keys to my car. I left it at the college parking lot until I could get my brothers trailer to tow it home on tuesday.
    Tuesday it was towed to the impound yard.
    Wednesday I towed the car from impound to my house.
    Thursday I went to my local Ford dealer and ordered a new ignition cylinder.
    Friday (today) got the new ignition cylinder, but can't install it because you need a working key to remove the old one!
    Any Ideas?
  2. hammer & screwdriver? hammer the flat screwdriver into the key hole like you are stealing it....:shrug:
  3. Wouldn't that damage the ignition cylinder barrel?
    I want to be able to install the new one....
  4. I don't know, that sucks man! But a word to the wise, keep spares in at least two different places just in case.
  5. If it is the original lock cylinder from factory, you should be able to call a locksmith and give them your VIN and they can make you a key, its like 85 bucks but you would have a key again. I don't know if our cars are too old to do that but I have done it for my 96 Explorer I had :shrug:
  6. yeah,I don't know how much damage the screwdriver would do but it is a last resort option. as far as the locksmith/vin#... I think they only go back ten years. at least that's what the local ford dealer told me a couple of years ago. sorry I don't have any other ideas.
  7. When I bought the Sport a few years ago,same deal.I drilled out the pin and pulled the cylinder out.
  8. First i'd call a lock smith, if that don't work, goto the junkyard and get a new column.
    Back in the day car theives ruined my column, got another one for $50, with the key in it.
  9. Assuming it's a fox body. There's no chip in the key or anything like that, a locksmith can come to you and cut a new key. Takes about 20 minutes and would be under $50. It's too old to have one cut by the VIN, but any somewhat compitent locksmith can make a new key. No need to change the ignition for a lost key.

    We have a locksmith that makes keys for our repo's, charges us $15 for standard cut keys and $90 for "chip" keys, also known as transponder keys. Some keys have to come from the dealer, those you need a vin for, like mercedes and bmw.

    But mustang keys for any year can be cut without problems.
  10. Try the locksmith first.

    The official Fox method (from my 79 service manual) to remove the lock cylinder w/o the key is to drill down the center of the key slot with a 1/2 in drill, until you get to the bottom, and it drills through to the the 1/4 shaft that operates the pinion for the rack to the switch. Doing that separates the cylinder from the rack and lets you remove it. Then you can pull the cylinder and replace it.

    Messy, painful, but it works. I have experience in this....