Help! Low compression on cylinder one


New Member
Apr 17, 2020
Las Vegas
I have a 4.6L 3 valve. I have a JLT cold air intake, Ford Performance 62mm throttle body, Ford Performance intake manifold, Ford Performance Hot Rod camshafts, new valve springs and phasers, new timing kit, Pypes long tube headers and straight pipes and a custom tune. Car was running great but recently failed while driving it. Codes said the car was misfiring. My FP camshaft had broken on one of the lobes over cylinder one and the rocker was bent. It also had very low compression so I sent the head out to be repaired. The machinist said the valves were good so I looked at the cylinder itself and the cylinder wall is fine and undamaged but the piston shows signs of fuel wash out. Not sure where to go from here. Any thoughts?
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