Help Me Brothers!!!!!

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  1. I...*Snif*...I..*Snif*....I....Sold my car.... :( :(
  2. but what could ever replace the mustang?
  3. No my '93 Vert, it sold lastnight, 2300....
  4. ...yeah, but you've got the svo now, so it's ok.
  5. *insert weird stupid cheesy surprise music that goes something like DUN DUN DUUUUUN here* Again, I don't really know where I was going with this... At least you have your SVO, and not some stock 2.3L like me :) I keep trying to make jokes but they don't work out. Been watching too much Family Guy on DVD or something. I think I need to lay down.
  6. SOLD THE STANG! how COULD U...i thought we had something Special here....I thought You loved the stang, YOU ,...YOU cold hearted SVO LOVER!
  7. sooo patrick... you wanna buy a 91 notch 5spd with a down 2.3T for $400? great project/motor parts car :D
  8. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: Funny guy, you know I was thinkin about pickin up a little beater truck for a few hundred, that runs and drives but looks like hell....
  9. you could make one heck of a car if you put the drivetrain/suspension into that notch ;)
  10. Yea and check the cylinder compression, rip into it and find a serious oil leak, and god knows what else. His car would be a great project for somebody, just not me.... :shrug:
  11. hey hey patty! it's not a total loss, it is for me but for the person who picks this up it's not a loss, it needs a new computer, and I haven't done anything to it since it broke down, for all I know I could just tighten up where ever the oil dropped from and add mroe oil and poof it runs. :)
  12. Could very well be, but fact of the matter is that I dont have the time or money For a project like that..
  13. maybe you missed what i was saying...remove all components from said svo and install into said coupe ;)
  14. :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: Not a snowballs chance in the burrning depts of hell...I had such respect for ya to... :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  15. to make it an "SVO" you only need to swap the rear axle, and the front suspension. it already has the 2.3T and T5.
  16. it was a funny "haha"...notice the ";)" at the ends of it
  17. yea I probably should have added something to it to show I was kidding. :nonono: