Help me build a new complete MSD Ignition setup :)

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  1. well. i decided christmas is as good a time as any to redo the ignition in my car. completely... especially since i changed my sparkplugs last night at 10pm. in 40F weather. to see tape on one of the boots. and some burn marks from the longtubes. and i think whoever had it even put the ford plugs on the wrong cylenders. you know, theyre numbered for length. and just ****ty plastic ties holding them all together (no suprise i get misfires detonation etc). SO. ANYWAYS.
    somebody recommended MSD's 6A box for fox's without boost.
    im planning on building a N/A monster. possibly some nitrous. that id hardly use. track only most likely. its already got H/I/C. which are probably going to be swapped/matched better later... anyways.... heres what i have so far.

    jegs has 4+ different distributors for fox 302's.. heres what they are. anybody recommend certain ones? whats the difference? also. i didnt feel like taking the time to pick a set of sparkplugs out of the 2340923 kinds. but id want MSD plugs. you cant get a MSD dist/coil/box without their plugs too :D
    also. does the box COME with the wiring harnesses etc? because i saw them listed next to it in the magazine. any stuff like this would help me. thanks :)


    =PART= =PRICE= =PART#=
    MSD6A BOX : $149.99 : 121-6200 :
    BOX Vibration Mounts? : $15.99 : 121-8823 :
    Super HEI /w 6A Kit : $199.99 : 121-8400 :
    MSD Box Wiring? : $13.99 : 121-8874 :
    Blaster 2 Coil : $33.99 : 121-8200 :
    : : :
    Ford Pro-Billet Distributor : $269.99 : 121-8456 :
    Ford Billet Distributor : $205.99 : 121-8582 :
    Ford Dual-Pickup Pro-Billet Distributor : $248.99 : 121-8382 :
    Ford Street Pro-Billet Distributor : $259.99 : 121-8479 :
    : : :
    plugs : $70.00 : ? :

    totals. : broke : broke. :

    thanks for the help
  2. If planning on nitrous, go for the MSD digital 6. Go with a good coil too. The ford motorsport wires are fine and a good NGK plug, probally a 3923 for nitrous or maybe a range colder. FWIW, a window switch would be a plus for nitrous too. Just me.
  3. well if i *do* get nitrous. if ever. it wont be for a good year probably. so no use building this with nitrous in mind :)

  4. I would, if contemplating it now, it will most likely happen. Digital 6 is not too much more for what you get. Just me though. Good luck with it.
  5. well, im planning on the MSD 6A either way :p
    thats the one you suggested right?
    or the AL?
    or is there just a 6? lol
  6. The MSD digital 6 can be setup to pull timing with nitrous engaged. Kinda a fool proof way to help save you're motor. It's more money than the regular 6a, but worth every penny, like I said, if you're considering nitrous now, I would pretty much bet you'll have it.
  7. hmmm out of these distributors theres ones with vacuum advances. and ones with mechanical advances.

    there is no vacuum advance for a distributor on my car is there? or on this msd ignition box? :shrug:
  8. there is one serious thing your overlooking. KEEP YOUR STOCK DISTRIBUTOR. your distributor has no ceteralfegral or vacum advance the comp does all that, all it does is tell the comp where the camshaft is at. if you notice the pickup ring in the dist you'll see that one of the cutouts in it is longer than the rest that is #1 cylinder right there, so the comp can fire off the injectors in the correct sequence (hence sequential fuel injection). broken down the hall efect sensor tells the comp (generally way ahead of time) that such cylinder is at such a spot, and it adjust for the timing advance (throttle position,rpm,etc)by delaying the signal to the box on side of the distributor(ignition module). if you bypass all this it wont run worh a crap and the engine light willl be on.
    so just get your 6a (6al not needed the comp does the rev limiting)and hook it upto the output from the computer and set the rev limiter above what the car cuts out at. i dont have any wiring diagrams in front of me so i cant give ya any specifics. they may be included with the ignition system.

  9. but i was planning on the street distributor. with the mechanical advance. since theres no vacuum. i dont see how that could make it run like crap. alot of people get these distributors? :shrug:

  10. What I think ashford is trying to say is, unless you are dumping your Fuel injection, you need to either get the MSD distributor designed for EEC-VI (jegs#121-8456) or keep the stock dizzy. I would keep the stocker for now as long as there is no play in it.

    Those others with mechanical/vacuum advance are designed to be used with carburetors. Since with a carb you typically don't have a computer to create an advance curve for the engine. The dual pickup one is more distributor than you need and I am preatty sure it won't work with the computer.

    Bottom line if you take out the stock distributor and replace with a mech/vacuum unit your car will not run right. The computer will be looking for the signals from the dist pickup and the module and if they aren't there it is gonna wig out. You would be lucky if you could get it to idle.

  11. yeah i get what hes saying now. i actually caught myself and thought wtf theres no vacuum about 2 minutes after i posted. and i chose that one distributor after it anyways. thanks for the input and clearing that up for me. now i understand what the vacuum is for and why it would be needed. im not sure if im going to stick with the stock distributor or not. depends on how much money i have to throw around in the car and how much is left over after i get some stuff fixed.

  12. Well, I am glad to see that you didn't get the wrong one. Good luck with your project. :nice:

  13. yep, just planning out all the stuff im *planning* on buying for my car.. so far.. ive got a total of about oh.. say 3x my bank account :p
    and im not even done picking out stuff yet :shrug:

    oh well. it just never ends, right?
    ..not to mention i havent even considered new engine mods. other than fuel injectors to match the new mass air setup :flag:

  14. Just keep askin questions. Theres alot of ways to waste 3large
    Distributor change is not needed, buy the msd digital 6, its worth the intial extra change.
    It comes with vibration mounts
    You program it with a small screw driver(no plug in module needed)
    Startup ignition retard for easier starting on modified engines
    Top end ignition retard(adust with screw driver) for nitrous or use with cheaper gas

  15. well if i didnt get the whole distributor.. id have to get the matching cap/rotor/tfi mod to complete the set. ill have to check the prices on that and compare.. :flag:
    and yeah i had the MSD6 Plus picked out :)
  16. Hey Derek, there is only one dist. for your car. That is the Pro Bilet 8456 That is because you have EEC computor system. How many miles are on the original? If you don't have many miles you can hold off on the dist. (Summit has them for $225 right now) I agree wit others here the Digital 6 is the way to go. The FR plug wires are great and are only $40. And the MSD coil is a good buy as well. As far a plugs everyone has their favorites I just use good ole Autoline I've never had a problem with them
  17. thanks for checking for me :nice:
    well. its got like. 55k on it. but ive been having detonation problems. and idle problems. etc etc. ill make a thread about this sooner or later. even though i think its partly the mass airs problem. in fact ill make the thread now.
    my jegs catalog said $269 but when i pulled it up last night it said $225 on the website also. :)
    im definately going to pick up the MSD 6 Plus box sooner or later. with the coil etc. dunno when. depends

    thanks for the info
  18. I'm sorry if someone went over this already but i didn't feel like reading all the posts in this thread :). I have a nitrous 347 monster that has an all MSD system that I highly recomend to you. I'm running slightly over 11:1 compression and still use pump gas. I use the MSD 6AL with the 3 stage retard box and retard selector along with the MSD distributor. Man this setup friggin rocks and I couldn't be happier with it! If I get a some bad gas or can't run 91+ octaine and I hear pinging I retard my ignition timing from my drivers seat! I'm spraying 300 worth of the giggle gas as well. As soon as my soleinoid (sp?) is activated boom it retards my timing to 4* BTDC! It also adjusts timing so it is easier to start while cranking! The 6AL ran me about $200 the 3 stage retard ran me $130 the selector cost $50 and the dist was another $200. I bought them all from HP Motorsport (1-402-731-7301) in Omaha and they gave me a package deal so I don't remember what the actual total was. I think they took like $50 off the package.

    Hope it helps,

  19. Oh BTW I use a SVO coil and 9mm FRPP plug wires with Zex stage II plugs.