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Favorite Mustang Color

  1. Sonic Blue

  2. Tangerine Orange

  3. White w/blue stripes

  4. White

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  5. Silver

  6. Yellow

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  1. Ok guys as many of you know, i have to paint my car. Now, ive seen some various cars, but really would like to see my car with the color changed to see what my rims, body, etc to see like with various hues. I know we got some great photo shoppers here and really want to see. before it was hard to change the color with my car being so many colors, maby now it will be a bit easier. here: please please

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  2. any specific colors in mind? I might be able to do a chop for you later tonight, but I got an exam tomorrow that I haven't studied for yet lol.

    edit: I didn't see the list in the poll up top
  3. i love our cars blue, orange, and yellow. ok i like all the colors. :shrug:
  4. yeah im sorta interested in just the colors i posted. i would really LOVE a photoshop to help me choose!
  5. I think you should look into doing it the copper Volvo C70 color. In real looks 100 times better than this pic...

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  6. If'n I was gonna swap colors??? I choose Silver as its on your list and you can get some badass shades..
    Couple others would be...Atlantic Blue....Sweet color......Pacifica Green..98 Cobra sweet with White or Black accents..


    Nice Silver..
    Love this car..and color
    [​IMG] Titanium..

    Nice Blue...lighter than Sonic I think??

  7. I am in love with the blue and silver that Rio posted. They would look freakin awesome on your car bro.
  8. Here ya go, I tried it, its hard to change green to some of the colors because of the reflection, but you'll get an idea of each color. I didn't do the white w/ blue stripes yet, cuz I'm lazy lol


    sonic blue

    tangerine orange (actually a bit darker than tangerine but I like it, almost like the burnt orange color on T/A WS6's)


  9. :bang: I didn't see the white with blue stripes choice. That would look so hot.
  10. My advice, last year I painted my old car from red to sonic blue and I honestly wish I didn't after I was done. The color was cool and all but most people don't understand how much work it is to do an entire color change on a car. I'm a painter for a living and do it all the time. Honestly, I like the forest green on your car and would just keep it in that color and just repaint anything that it needed on it. That way you don't have to spend extra getting the door jambs, engine bay, etc on it. My friend use to have a '95 forest green GT and he had it looking really good. If it were my choice though, i'd go with an metallic or candy orange, maybee something from house of kolor. Sonic blue is alright, but it's too much on the purple spectrum for me. I don't think it's bright enough on an overcast day. They got a couple blues out there I really like that are a lot brighter with a lot less purple. You should get some color chip books from PPG and House of Kolor.